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Forums > Living in Kunming > iphone for 200$?

Besides, why would you buy anything you can't feel, try out and see for yourself? Why take a risk that it may be fake, damaged and you can't return it? If you buy it here you can always take it back to the store.

Forums > Living in Kunming > I'm moving to Kunming, and thinking about what kind of things to bring with me?

No, I wasn't implying that. Remember that you are not here and we (the reader of this post) don't know what other concerns you might have so my comment was to reassure you that when you get here you will be alright. When I came here almost 3 years old from New York I didn't know anything or anyone. Kunming has been nothing be great to me. I was just trying to give it to you from my experience nothing more. When you come here you will see. Good Luck to you!


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My point was that the structure themselves are so massive that there are wasted. There will be many empty offices and apartments. I live in the North and rarely go to Dong Feng Square anymore. Here in the north they are building a mall too. They have a Walmart, train station, McD's and many dress shops that have little to no traffic. When the mall opens this or next year it will be empty like most mall I've been to.

You have valid points. Everything is about 'likes' & 'followers' and 'clickbaits'. Not to go off on your point but I remember when T.V. series had killer 'theme' songs. These new T.V. series only have a 5-10 seconds intro. This is all due to the attention span of this generation or lack thereof.