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Forums > Living in Kunming > tutoring English prices

Right! If you look at Summit School, they want to pay you 80-90 an hour to teach/babysit a bunch of noisy kids. They don't even try to advertise paying 100 RMB, God forbid they did. Tutoring is the way to go unless you find a school that not only pays a decent salary but also have a good manager (a lot of school have very poor management). A lot of the advertised school looking for 'Native English Teachers' have terrible working conditions not only for Natives but for Chinese as well. And some also cheat you after you have worked the month (Haina School, so I've heard)

Forums > Living in Kunming > tutoring English prices

Mayya_happy. I think that a person that wants tutoring needs to of course shop around to fit their budget. I know of student's who are willing to pay 200 RMB without blinking an eye. As more and more students plan to go abroad, many parents are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that they learn and pass the Ielts or Toefl test. Even though the income in Kunming is not high, there are many 'rich' parents believe it or not. I was surprised at the amount of 'well-to-do' people here in Kunming. I think that the lowest should be 100RMB.

Forums > Living in Kunming > What's it going to be like?

Hi. XuQiu19. First. You WILL be stared at just because you are black. If you have a unique hairstyle such as dreads or extensions, they will want to touch your hair. My wife is chinese and I'm an American from New York. I asked her about the 'black thing' and she said that chinese consider the white skin to be more beautiful than the black skin and that is why they spend tons of money on cosmetics for whitiing skin. A lot of the negative viewpoint comes directly from the movies from the west. The 'gangster rap' and 'thug movies', etc. Chinese people think black people are lazy (not all of course). What you have in your favor is that you are a girl/lady/woman. You will be just fine. In Kunming, the life is easygoing and Chinese people like to look and stare at things they are not familiar with. You will get use to it (more or less) as time goes on. Welcome to Kunming. It will be alright. My dream was to come to China and I have no regrets! Enjoy!


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It's sad that the first programs to be cut are the music and art programs in America. Too little importance are given to this not realizing that having these programs spurs creativity and keep the kids out of trouble too. Kudos to the Village Progress!

No one is ask to be born into this world and yet here we are. What's sad is we as a society are losing compassion and respect not only to our own parents but to our fellow human being. I agree that no person should bring a child into this world with the expectation to be 'taken care of' in their old age. What's sad is the way some children treat their parents worse than animals.

The days of your child taking care of you in your old age is pretty much over. A lot of children move away and have their own families to take care. They need to go where the jobs and opportunities are. Many times it's not in the cities they were raised in. Sadly, I feel that China is becoming more and more like the west in which aging parents are put in nursing home left to die.