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What does electronic use only mean?
In general, "Electronic Use Only" cards can be used to make online, phone and mail-order purchases, in addition to on-the-spot transactions. Merchants making "remote" sales are usually able to obtain instant authorization, same as if you were going through a terminal, so these transactions qualify as electronic.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Worst Job agent

@Dennis K
You're an asshole! Posters here were trying to genuinely help you and this is the gratitude. You should have started from the start this was for your friend. Asshole!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Worst Job agent

I agree. It must be jobs like modeling, performance,etc. All need visas so it must be illegal if no visa is provided. I would think the 'agent' would know this. Who are you going to go to to get justice when the 'job' is illegal?


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@AlPage48 You are so right. I remember when the west always talked about how slim the Chinese are and quite frankly, I've been seeing more and more heavy set people around where I live. A lot of parents are taking their kids to the fast food since they are so busy and have little time to cook.