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Forums > Living in Kunming > Provide Help to purchase Mobile,Coputer and fittings

I don't understand this ad. Are you saying that you are providing yourselves a "personal assitant" for someone who is looking to buy things like a mobile phone, computer, etc..? If this is the case then as onlyone said, what does religious afiliation has to do with your service? This ad makes no sense. Make yourself clearer.

Forums > Study > Yunnan Nationalities University - Racist liars cheats and thieves?

I don't think it's racisism. I'm a foreinger and my wife is kunming ren. It's just the way it is. When they see me, they think I have money and they can get more from me. So I always try to let my wife do the buying so she can get the fair price. It happens all the time. If you go to New York and you are a forienger, they will do the same thing. It's just how it is. But not all will try to get over on you. Your best bet is to let a local person do the asking and bidding for you.


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No one is ask to be born into this world and yet here we are. What's sad is we as a society are losing compassion and respect not only to our own parents but to our fellow human being. I agree that no person should bring a child into this world with the expectation to be 'taken care of' in their old age. What's sad is the way some children treat their parents worse than animals.

The days of your child taking care of you in your old age is pretty much over. A lot of children move away and have their own families to take care. They need to go where the jobs and opportunities are. Many times it's not in the cities they were raised in. Sadly, I feel that China is becoming more and more like the west in which aging parents are put in nursing home left to die.