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Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for gym and also a translator

@Louie Leland
I wouldn't recommend you relocate here long term (China). You will forever be a 'tourist'. Other countries are more 'foreigner' friendly. It's just a fact. Not trying to be mean or talk crap. If I had to do it over again, I would have chosen another place. Just do a search on Youtube for others who have lived here for over 5 years and are married to a Chinese national. It getting more difficult for

foreigner to stay here. Good Luck!

Forums > Living in Kunming > how to make friends with English native foreigners

He means 'English native speakers' I think. In my opinion the best way to make friends is by being where they hang out. Be friendly and smile and make small talk to see if they are receptive to your personality. Sometimes foreigners don't want to be bother with Chinese people that want free English exchange. It really depends on you. If you want to marry a Japanese girl/boy, you won't find one here, right? In the same way you need to actively be where the laowai's are and intermingle. Good Luck!


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