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Forums > Food & Drink > Western-run places in KM too expensive?

Yeah why not? Dust off

a few of your family recipes. Get some investment money and ask your Chinese wife or family or friend to open it, or get a WOFE [though, then not so cheap anymore]

Anyway it isn't that hard, especially after the business licenses and investment limit has been loosened by the government.

It's a good market in Kunming. as you can see by the amount of newly opened diners around town. An even better indication, the non existing amounts of diners closing, due to lack of business.

Forums > Food & Drink > Western-run places in KM too expensive?

First, you don't have to justify your business idea or costs calculations.

For all you should care you could charge 1000 RMB for a Coke. It's your successful business and how much profit you make, or how you make it, is as you please.

But you are

comparing 2 different things.
The local food market price vs. bulk and F&B supplier prices.

I am sure that your bulk purchase costs have not changed.
The same goes for staff salaries, unless you hire experienced, already trained staff.

The local staff we hired was had an increase of 500RMB from 10 years ago. Without experience and training in the restaurant business 1500 RMB - 2000RMB [the years ago] to nowadays 2500 RMB to 3000 RMB. All depending on skill and experience. A good staff manager or bar manager, of course can ask for more.

And I am sure that the prices you pay for coffee, booze and food ingredients have not changed a lot in the last ten years, -when buying large quantities.

Smoked salmon is very cheap, from what I remember at METRO. A bit over 100RMB for 700gram of already smoked salmon. 139RMB for a kilo of uncured salmon, if you want to trouble yourself or fry it.

Burmese avocados are also rather cheap when bought in bulk through the right suppliers, same goes with vegetables and even meat [including beef].

There have been increases in prices but in my calculations, it doesn't justify what many owners do. To link their overall prices to single market items, or just raise whenever they feel like, when the news report tofu prices

to increase.

Plus, you cannot just add RMB's on all items. A restaurant lives from crowds of customers and talking about what a bowl of noodles costs has little to do with the business concept of a bar or restaurant

Well of course you can all do that and I don't have a problem with that, at all. It is a business and it shall thrive, but you have to expect complaints from customers and them argue about increases of prices.

And they are right. It cannot be that Kunming is more expansive, or at least on the same price level with Beijing or Shanghai.

that just doesn't add up

The only agreeable point is rent, but many have dodged that bullet by moving to a cost friendlier location.

I understand the frustration of some customers, I only visit two foreign owned joints in Kunming, because all others are overpriced for the quality and portions.

In short having a foreign restaurant is still a very good business with very large profit margins.

You guys seem to have a very good life, otherwise you wouldn't run the café and expand. Right?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Mass murderer in Kunming

My wife thinks it's impossible to kill 19 people without anyone noticing or callingvthe police. Also she said when the news broke out, there was mention of multiple assailants. But I guess we will never hear what is or was going on. It is pretty big on social media though.

But killing 19people including kids and old folks: this guy should go to a labour camp and being beaten mercilessly, for the rest of his life . Death penalty is too short and too easy.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Another Kunming kid abducted

Nobody is smearing your advertisement, so what does that have to do with your stupid advertisements.

So your word is more valuable than ours. I thought the the forum is for everybody. I am not an angel but I am contributing to this thread. Different to you, swinging in here and judging with your entitled buttocks.
So, maybe you are a rich jerk and if what I wrote upsets you, then it makes me happy.

Please if you don't mind, let me know what business you own, so I can actively avoid it.

Btw. I have a 3 year old daughter and I am as scared as any other parent.
You may not know that, being driven everywhere and your army of nannies, taking care of your kids.
So, why not shut your trap for a moment, and think before you write like an a**.

You could also just ignore what people write.

Most kids just get snatched, not due to a lack of supervision, but because there are professional criminals and they have a plan. Hell,there was kid abducted out of its stroller at the big crossroad at Beichen station, while mom was waiting at a red light. A van drives-by, hit's the break, man jumps out intimidating the mom and another guy takes the kid.

Of course these guys do that for a living, so I doubt they would try to take a kid from a 2meter tall bodybuilder, with friends around.

Plus from what my wife told me, they take all the kids clothes, except the underwear and dump their garments somewhere, so the GPS thing may only work for a few minutes after the abduction.


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My grandparents were rather poor. My parents are walking into poverty, after retirement and they would benefit financially from a divorce and still, ...they are not.

-"Anyway, legal marriage certificates are only legal arrangements."-

I know you must defend everything Chinese, but what does that even mean?
There aren't religious weddings for most Chinese beyond a feast and celebrations, no exchange of vows,etc.
So what's left, after the legal marriage, which by the way is all that defines a Chinese marriage,officially?

Is it justified that they try to milk the rich and powerful? Hell yeah!
Is it still greedy? Hell yeah!

Who says Chinese aren't romantic?

They will get houses in the wirst spots of Chenggong, that the real estate company couldn't sell otherwise.
I wouldn't just divorce for a little bit of property.
If you want to protest against those powers, I could of other more effective ways.

But it's a good selling strategy. Showing the real estate or factory owners; "Hey, we only care about money, here cash in our marriage certificate,since we don't value anything. Now give us a second house....See, powerful owners, we are exactly like you."

On the spot!!!

Of course Changshui and Kunming will f**k it up.What don't they f-up.

The demand is already there. Even as a hub to shorten trips to other Asian places. But what I heard is, that fees are too high in Kunming, unless you are a Chinese airline. So they'd rather fly to Chengdu or Guangzhou. Actually, Kunming is so stupid, Wuhan figured that one out and is already planning to snatch possible routes from Kunming.

I am so looking forward to, on who Kunming will blame it on. Probably Japanese or foreigners in

They sounds less like shelters but more like gathering or concentration hot spots for after the earthquake. For the few people surviving collapsing buildings due to bad constuctions.

I heard there is only one building, made to whitstand a magnitude. The Fudian Bank building at zhenyi fang. Code dictates to build quake safe houses but they are more expensive, so many construction companies choose to bribe over using more steel. Like 2008 in Sichuan.

Don't know if I'd bother, after surviving the collapse of our house, to walk a few kilometers to see other people being equally ignored by emergency services.
I can't imagine how Kunming would handle an earthquake, remembering the fog disaster at the airport . lol



Sorry this probably belongs into the forum section...But just to clarify and thanks to overrated reviews I went to CC with high expectations to get some delicacies, I wanted to surprise my wife with a delicacy and there was absolutely nothing that Parkson, Metro or Carrefour don't have.I don't like Chorizo so there has to be more than just that to make me give 5 stars.Plus I already gave them 3 stars, for the very positive things I experienced.There are no products that other shops don't offer, except if their products are home made but I didn't see any labels stating it's organic or home made.For the cold cuts I found as well as the cheeses are all (or most) available at other stores.I didn't know that they make sandwiches and I will give that a try especially knowing that Sandra is involved in the making which usually leads to a yummy tummy.But again as delicacy shop it's very unimpressive and as stated before I believe it will get better. So I am not bashing it but trying to help the owners to give some ideas not just applause because I like Sandra's food...which I do.So I recommend to give realistic reviews. 5 stars just because you like one item there will just disappoint potential CC patrons that are not going for Sandwiches or Chorizo.It's a shop with tons of potential and I will come back to try the Sandwich and see what else they will have in future. But giving more than 3 stars for what I saw wouldn't be fair.


I went there and all the fake Ikea (furniture) items were almost twice as much as the originals at Ikea. The fixing guys are good but as mentioned above at least need a week or two to drill 4 holes in the wall.

The little knick knacks are ok and reasonably priced. For real furniture, I wouldn't buy there. Better and cheaper options available. But good for cheap and nice decorations and accessories.


I practiced there for a few weeks but unforntunately I had to stop, due to relocation.
It's a good school but what I didn't like was the Martial Arts blend between traditional kungfu and modern wushu, similar to the Henan one.
But I still like it for the good exercise, staff and classmates.

I am not sure if there are actually some real kungfu monks, so if you are looking for the full martial package, you might get disappointed, as almost anywhere in China.

Be aware that practice is not in the temple but in a kungfu school one block away

That said, it is in my opinion the best choice in Kunming to practice the closest to real martial arts (besides taiji). And it's very reasonably priced.