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Forums > Living in Kunming > thumbs up & down

My post got 12 downvotes for a mere observation.

HFCAMPO's got 11...

I can't see how this is not a vindictive choice. My post has not been offensive, against any forum rules.

I have read absolutely reasonable posts, which got downvoted and other ridiculous posts who get thumbs up, on both ,..or more,...sides.

I can't see how this is a good thing.

Now gokunming, gave a tool for the loudest to shout.

My recommendation is, show the votes and voters, only this way you can make sure that people are not just being judged by an old vendetta or other issues.

In my opinion it failed.
I personally will reject any vote, to make sure the net will stay open an opinions can be seen, for as long as possible.

I didn't like the ferocity of the old forum but at least it was, with the help of the admin, free and fair. Not beautiful but fair.

The only thing the current voting system enhances is one dominant train of thought of the first few voters, and since you only need 3-4 votes to hide a post, you will have in the end the dominance of one group and since they are the strongest one an often the first to vote, it doesn't prove anything about the argument or thought or even the accuracy of the statement.

So in the end we will have a certain amount of populism. And the hissy fits, whom we all have been guilty of are just turned passive now. But they are still there.

I hope that the gokunming staff can find a better solution, than the current one.

I am not even defending my opinion, just skim through the post an votes, most of the hidden posts are not even close to be mean or offensive, they are just not reflecting the votes of a few of the most frequent and not most liberal posters, and gokunming made them judges now.

Maybe the whole thing is a good idea but it needs a lot of adjustments.

Oh and I know this post will be killed instantly.

So I hope that even the posters that hate me, can just for once not judge me, down or up.

I don't need your vote, but maybe you can let others live by not judging....

just a thought, nothing o hate me for. But my apologies if I offended you. LOVE!

Forums > Living in Kunming > thumbs up & down

I don't think that the thumbs are really helping in the long run.

First they are rather new and the post is not deleted but just hidden. One click and you can still see what was posted.

From what I have seen, they are mostly helping to hide unpopular post. Even though there wasn't anything against the posting rules, not even strong argumentation, but more than 3 people don't like it and it's gone.
So it's just streaming opinions from which ever group or individual is represented stronger, or which of these people are online to give negative clicks, or even old rivalries could get you a default click from a poster, just because he doesn't like you.

I have not used them yet, except once to try, but it was a positive one anyway.

Useless for what they aimed for.

I have seen a thread were 2 people were still fighting it out after both threads were hidden.

IMO there just hasn't been a strong emotionally charged thread for another poster multi-page-bashing.

I hope it stays that way. :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Cacao mexican restaurant ?

I went twice and they had at least two different chefs. One was a Mexican fella, a real jerk and his food was terrible, there was another chef, never saw or met him but he actually he/she made some very authentic Mexican/Latin American food, for a short while.

But as with many authentic food joints, they don't survive very long, especially not in China, where people are so stubborn and stiff about flavors.

Which is quite surprising, as one would think putting tons of chili on everything, would be a big success in China...:)

But good Mexican food, and drinks in Kunming, would be fantastic. Worth a monthly visit. yum!!

Forums > Food & Drink > Western-run places in KM too expensive?

I am not criticizing Sal's.

Training your own staff is cheaper, if you have one good team manager and you can keep the starting salary low.
Keep in mind that there are many other diners in Beijing, Shanghai, and even in Kunming as well.

And I wouldn't use the Kunming foreign dining scene as a standard for judging good staff.

The staff at Sal is nice, I am not saying that they aren't.

If you want to get a great service experience, you should try HaiDiLao HotPot. At least in the one tier cities.


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If done right, it can help the trees.

Some old garden hacks even say, once dead tree, will have stronger branches and grow better fruits and better canopies.

But if their water capillaries are cut,or destroyed due to the water expansion, -from the ice or frost, they are gone.

You are right, usually farmers or gardeners with lots of experience even get surprised sometimes what tree or plant, once written off.... came back beautifully.
But let's be honest most of those gardening blokes don't know anything. No blame, they are cheap farmers hired, to do whatever their leader orders them to do.

And there is the problem, that we have complete morons running the watering and gardening in Kunming. I asked one of the fore workers, once what sort of flower bush this is. He had actually no clue, and ordered his team to spray it for 5 minutes. A few weeks later, it was dead.

human poop water isn't harmful for the plant, necessarily but it's harmful for humans and it can lead to unwanted growth and even kill a plant. If you have a garden, pee once a day on a small tree or bush and see what happens.

The sewage water is from a closed water cycle, and it won't come back unless it rains.

Sometimes the stupidity of Kunming's city management is still surprising me. Although it's funny sometimes.

The stuff I mentioned is something anyone, who ever planted more than one flower or plant, knows. And should know.

I saw it's a monthly meet up again. i wish i could come today. i really want to check it out. who doesn't like to discuss beer while having a beer?

I apologize, getting you and your homebrewing society wrong. And I thank you for being out there, doing all this non profit. I hope that one day you will make good money from it. And spread the good word and work even better.
As the German sayings go:
"Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalt's"

"Soll durch meinem frommen Segen, der Braumeister haben,ein langes Leben."

I totally agree with your idea about beers and the quality and perception of a good beer.

I hope I can make it another time.
Sorry, for me,being ignorant.

the purity law doesn't restrict variety at all. it just defines the main ingredients.

most belgium beers are added with something. many non beligiums referr to it as headache additives. fruit flavors, etc. anyone who ever had 3 glasses of vedett(or hoegaarden) vs. 3 glasses of german wheat beer,knows what i am talking about.
don.t get me wrong, flavor wise i love belgium beer, but i prefer german beer because it doesn.t make you feel bad in low doses.

sounds like the homebrewing guy makes quite good money from the homebrewing, especially as he is just starting his network and fees, which i see rising very soon, to get to his ingredients, of which he gets commissions and so on.

germany probably still is home to the vastest varieties of beers. e.g. obergaerig, untergaerig,
wheat,dark wheat,koelsch,alt,bockbier,dark bockbier,pils=lager, berliner weisse, franken alt, nordisches herbes pils(my favourite), meet(german pronunciation), honig bier, fruchtbier, etc...
i am not even trying to unclude any varieties adding juices, soda and flavors, like maibowle...and such...

as i said it.s not a competition, plus germany has thousands if microbreweries, and i never met any german claiming germans to have the best beer in the world.

...-"that the Germans do it best "

What is this obsessive-German-beer bashing?
No German would ever insist that Germany has the best beer or such nonsense.

The Bad Monkey guys in their interviews, did it too?

Must be some kind of professional jealousy, I tried the Monkey's Wheat beer a few month back, and special flavor, and preferences, but that was hardly a beer, taste went from old, under carbonated Fanta with a shot of Chinese Baijiu! It was terrible and they still charged for this.
They had great beers in the past but, that fluid it disgusting.

Seeing them mocking other brewers or countries, while producing that sounds ridiculous.
Germany has cheap high quality beer, and a purity regulation that one must keep, if you want to put it on your label, tr call it a beer. And that's about it. Maybe that German beer is quite bitter [in my favor]

What Germany has, though, is a huge variety of different flavors and varieties.

But believe it or not, a lot of Microbreweries and home-brewers.

About beer/food pairing, in terms of fish, I can see how it could work but beer to seafood and fish, should be more of an emergency solution. A proper wine compliments the special seafood flavor more, than any beer.

But as I said I had beer with shrimp dishes and it went o.k. if they are malty, enough.



Sorry this probably belongs into the forum section...But just to clarify and thanks to overrated reviews I went to CC with high expectations to get some delicacies, I wanted to surprise my wife with a delicacy and there was absolutely nothing that Parkson, Metro or Carrefour don't have.I don't like Chorizo so there has to be more than just that to make me give 5 stars.Plus I already gave them 3 stars, for the very positive things I experienced.There are no products that other shops don't offer, except if their products are home made but I didn't see any labels stating it's organic or home made.For the cold cuts I found as well as the cheeses are all (or most) available at other stores.I didn't know that they make sandwiches and I will give that a try especially knowing that Sandra is involved in the making which usually leads to a yummy tummy.But again as delicacy shop it's very unimpressive and as stated before I believe it will get better. So I am not bashing it but trying to help the owners to give some ideas not just applause because I like Sandra's food...which I do.So I recommend to give realistic reviews. 5 stars just because you like one item there will just disappoint potential CC patrons that are not going for Sandwiches or Chorizo.It's a shop with tons of potential and I will come back to try the Sandwich and see what else they will have in future. But giving more than 3 stars for what I saw wouldn't be fair.


I went there and all the fake Ikea (furniture) items were almost twice as much as the originals at Ikea. The fixing guys are good but as mentioned above at least need a week or two to drill 4 holes in the wall.

The little knick knacks are ok and reasonably priced. For real furniture, I wouldn't buy there. Better and cheaper options available. But good for cheap and nice decorations and accessories.


I practiced there for a few weeks but unforntunately I had to stop, due to relocation.
It's a good school but what I didn't like was the Martial Arts blend between traditional kungfu and modern wushu, similar to the Henan one.
But I still like it for the good exercise, staff and classmates.

I am not sure if there are actually some real kungfu monks, so if you are looking for the full martial package, you might get disappointed, as almost anywhere in China.

Be aware that practice is not in the temple but in a kungfu school one block away

That said, it is in my opinion the best choice in Kunming to practice the closest to real martial arts (besides taiji). And it's very reasonably priced.