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Forums > Living in Kunming > sex first or friends first?

Hey Yuanyangren
I couldn't agree more, it takes too people to end up in bed.

So even if there would be the horniest guy on earth, trying to get inside the pants of a girl that just doesn't want sex, I am sure nothing would happen.
So let's say any girl that ever says: "That guy took advantage of me, he promised....", tried to take as much advantage of the guy, as he did, she just got less. But if their expectations don't meet it's a lack of communication.

We are all into this for some payback: hormones, money, physical attractions, fun, addiction, plain horniness, finding our soulmate, you name it.

If it goes bad stop blaming it on either gender. If he wouldn't take advantage, she would, or you get (un/)lucky and one or both fall in love.

So, if you don't want to have sex, just don't do it.

If you expect something from sex (or after), other than the satisfactions of your physical needs, you are the idiot.

Sex isn't designed for love and payig bills, or a promise of an eternal love. It's designed for pleasure and procreation, not for BS.

It's as easy as that.

ps. "Thanks God!...for inventing 'IT' ".

Forums > Living in Kunming > "Lazy" English teachers?

It's almost easier than posting quadruple posts...should be a new sport!

The pay is not a problem, let's step aside from the assumption that poor farmers send their kids to the schools we work at.
If you see the prices charged at MyGym and WhatNot just for them to see a silly foreigner doing silly stuff.

You will be aware that the money is there and that a monthly tuition is NEVER less than 500Yuan and look at your class size and you will see where the money is.

In short the Schools have money they just don't invest it right.
As you probably know there is a hight drift towards quality and if quality is delivered then there will be $$.

Parents just send their kids to certain schools because, parents like anywhere just don't know what they want or where they can get it.
So they go by the elimination method they go from school to school, by price, or the teacher, or location, brand...etc.
Let them know what they will get (for real) and they will join (or at least come back). Chinese parents aren't stupid. The ones I met are awesome and understanding.

That is why you need an Academic Director, to restore quality, which you can sell then to customers as high quality. Plus the students results.

Universities are financed by the gov. but that doesn't mean that they don't have the money, it's just that they don't want to spend it where it's needed. Check what car your Uni. Dean is driving and the banquets they throw for even lower VIP guests (even us foreign teachers- at Bei Da in 2006).

If good,pro. teachers ask for the right jobs and the right pay then all other schools have to follow. (It's China but the same rules of business apply.) And they do...

Academic goals and demands is a different story.

Forums > Living in Kunming > "Lazy" English teachers?

Easy Peasy:
Pay high&realistic salaries and (not even 10.000Yuan is realistic) for a professional teacher-disregarding his/her qualifications.

After that put the a proper Academic Director in the office (Good teacher with training background or credentials). And laziness will disappear. (as well as a teacher here and there).

Unprofessional teachers end in unprofessional places. Unprofessional teachers in professional places, will get fired.
The School is responsible for the education standard and goals.
They have to observe teachers, plan teacher parent conferences, class observation, training and so on.

Btw. You can't compare an Expat salary with a local teacher, everyone in the Expat HR field will tell you that. Schools, Hospitals even the Army are businesses and have to be managed that way.

Imagine they would cancel all the Visas of the illegal teachers, it'll never happen because China needs the teachers and they will work hard when in the right team under right supervision and with a proper pay and benefit plan. Maybe even a career:)

Good education is expensive but profitable. So be smart build business models that make everyone happy...or at least happier.

Then everyone is winning.
It's quite easy in my experience,... if they let you. ;)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Psychology behind Chinese street behavior

To be honest, it's just a bad excuse to not feel guilty if you don't help someone.
Yes there have been cases where "victims" sued the samaritan, but to what i've read in the news most of those cases have been lost and in few cases they victim was put in jail, for trying to make profit.

And the law changed thats why you see those videos in the bus with the everyday hero in it helping crash victims.
Don't have the link but I read it few days ago.
In January a scooter-girl got hit by a car in ShiJiCheng and this Chinese Bloke was doing a great job in First Aid at least as much for what we could do there and he was no medical staff. So I guess it's not always as bad as one thinks.

But yeah there are always some people staring but so is it in the US or EUROPE just that we have less people walking, do the math. Also look at those spectators,... come on, not exactly the crowd you would invite over to dinner. Most of them lack Social Intelligence or plain courtesy but I guess that goes back to manners and education at home.

In my experience all the accidents I was present or involved in were all "normal" always someone calling the cops and ambulance and when I helped the only thing happened is the victims being very grateful.

So can't actually confirm that except those annoying onlookers. But we have them too back home, don't we?

Forums > Living in Kunming > sex first or friends first?

What a silly question.

"Yes all foreigners want sex and fun, always and forever. Thats why no foreigner is married, have no homes and they don't make babies because they only want to have fun." ;)
What does it matter where the person is from?

ISn;t it a question of individualism. Everybody is equally different disregarding their culture.
But to answer your question, "No" not every foreigner is like that. Usually foreigners are more educated about sexuality and deal with it more openly but also more careless sometimes. Plus sex it's not stigmatized as it is in China for example.

But Laowai's come in all different 'characters'.

Something very similar to Asians I guess.

Some want fun and some want more, same as every Chinese guys.
Since cultural issues don't really matter at all for your case, just think about what you want in life and take it. If you want fun then use protection and make sure he doesn't break your heart. If you want more, then tell him to buzz off and wait a bit longer to find the right man for you.



No results found.


What you are talking about vicar, and alien are so called gateway drugs.

Most gateway drugs must have a strong physical addiction potential, or because they are extremely easy to get. And most important it depends on when you are starting with substances which could lead to addiction.
And then number one gateway drug[s] are alcohol and tobacco.

As most kids experiment with these two early on, then the way is paved.

Weed comes in [usually] at a later age, at which you should have already physically and psychologically learned, how to say no.

Otherwise, how is it that states with open cannabis laws, have a lower addiction rate for harder drugs?

In my opinion alcohol and nicotine are the worst of all drugs and gateway drugs.

If you are talking crime, then legalizing the ones that do less harm than the legal drugs, is a necessary step.

Tax alcohol 300%, tobacco 800% and state grown cannabis, peyote, mushrooms at Value Added Tax and 300% if it's blended in with tobacco. And you will see, less barfights, domestic violence, rape, murder, drug sales, vs. increases in consumption of cartoons and animations, boosting the snacks industry, music awareness, camping, et cetera. Lol

Alcohol is a nerve toxin. THC isn't.

In general people wanna get high, always get high.

Is there any person ever getting robbed for weed? The purse snatching story is more in the line of alcohol, meth or crack.

The best way is to stay away form any substances that alter your state of mind, ...if you can.

War on drugs has always failed and will always fail.
Humans are crazy about getting high, for whatever reasons.

It's just about choosing your drug.

Sport, coffee, tea, alcohol, chocolate, tobacco, sex, talking crap in forums and chat lines, there is nothing people can't get addicted to.

And people will always get high if they want to.

So decriminalizing, prevention, education is the way to go.
State controlled outlets for drugs, addicts get free and clean needles, and check ups for typical drug fiend diseases.

Holland has worked fine, and so are Canada, and most of the states in the US, as far as you can say over the short period of time.

The judicial system get's relieved over something it cannot stop anyway.
Taking care of the hard drug users and addicts, and education and prevention from the taxes on legal drugs, and you have a good chance to succeed.

China is playing USA in the 1980's, a few crop incentives won't help, while people are being thrown in jail over smoking a bit of pot, or taking XTC. But hopefully they will see the stupidity of it.

It's incorrect weed or soft drugs don't lead to addiction or demand for harder drugs.
It's an individual problem, some people take heroin, once and never feel like taking drugs again. Some drink a few drinks and soon are hitting it hard.

There is no rule or solution for personal addiction.

Great! Thanks for putting it up.

Do they also accept scooter and e-bike parts?

I mean not through Salvador, perhaps. I guess they wouldn't like their café to be an 'old scooter storage'.

But since every idiot is hailing Tesla's and e-mobility, and forgetting that they riding toxic waste and mountains of carbon fumes around, it would be worth knowing how to at least get rid of the old batteries and e-parts,....-properly!

I don't have much sympathy for the shop owners. I agree with Haali, Mike and Tiger.

They sell cheap taobao, crap for up to 500% its value, most stuff has nothing to do with Lijiang and 5 drum shops on 200meters of road is a bit overkill.

None of the stuff ever sold in China, is by customer demand. Some Dongbei bloke, thinks Lijiang needs fake African drums, and shiny toy drones, so they open 60 shops in the old town, because they have money. And think the more annoying, loud and screamy advertisement you have the more people buy.

All others investors, due to lack of creativity, will open shops with the exact same product, in 30 shops of their own, in Chinese, then it's called cultural preservation. No shop owner in Lijiang is local. The locals all rent out, cause they can make tons of money. They don't give a crap. If you own property in the old town, you are rich.

Lijiang and Dali = greed, from all sides.

The tourists buy the crap that is offered, cos they have no idea, what is local culture....hence China not having any real culture left, after the Revolution....

So welcome to Yunnan Disneyland.

For all I care, charge 500RMB each time you enter the old town, 1000RMB if you must.
Let the shops go out of business, I rather see a run down but original old town, than that freak show.

I don't go there anyway, I rather go to small village guesthouses, in the area, and spend my money on hiking, good local food and relaxation, rather then squeezing through million of tourists, on roads that are barely big enough to let squirrels pass.

Lijiang and Dali were once really beautiful spots. Now they are just money laundering and cash mills. The real China is never found in touristy old town.

The article is great and thanks for putting it back into the view of the public. Yeah that girl and her lawyer, really have balls, to go against the people convicting her.

But these people don't like to be messed with. They will probably put her against bars again.

But I hope they also try to find the murderer, otherwise there is still a babykiller on the loose. See Steven Avery.



Sorry this probably belongs into the forum section...But just to clarify and thanks to overrated reviews I went to CC with high expectations to get some delicacies, I wanted to surprise my wife with a delicacy and there was absolutely nothing that Parkson, Metro or Carrefour don't have.I don't like Chorizo so there has to be more than just that to make me give 5 stars.Plus I already gave them 3 stars, for the very positive things I experienced.There are no products that other shops don't offer, except if their products are home made but I didn't see any labels stating it's organic or home made.For the cold cuts I found as well as the cheeses are all (or most) available at other stores.I didn't know that they make sandwiches and I will give that a try especially knowing that Sandra is involved in the making which usually leads to a yummy tummy.But again as delicacy shop it's very unimpressive and as stated before I believe it will get better. So I am not bashing it but trying to help the owners to give some ideas not just applause because I like Sandra's food...which I do.So I recommend to give realistic reviews. 5 stars just because you like one item there will just disappoint potential CC patrons that are not going for Sandwiches or Chorizo.It's a shop with tons of potential and I will come back to try the Sandwich and see what else they will have in future. But giving more than 3 stars for what I saw wouldn't be fair.


I went there and all the fake Ikea (furniture) items were almost twice as much as the originals at Ikea. The fixing guys are good but as mentioned above at least need a week or two to drill 4 holes in the wall.

The little knick knacks are ok and reasonably priced. For real furniture, I wouldn't buy there. Better and cheaper options available. But good for cheap and nice decorations and accessories.


I practiced there for a few weeks but unforntunately I had to stop, due to relocation.
It's a good school but what I didn't like was the Martial Arts blend between traditional kungfu and modern wushu, similar to the Henan one.
But I still like it for the good exercise, staff and classmates.

I am not sure if there are actually some real kungfu monks, so if you are looking for the full martial package, you might get disappointed, as almost anywhere in China.

Be aware that practice is not in the temple but in a kungfu school one block away

That said, it is in my opinion the best choice in Kunming to practice the closest to real martial arts (besides taiji). And it's very reasonably priced.