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Forums > Living in Kunming > Coloradans and guns

About Breivik, less than 10 people were killed by a bomb and the rest by firearms.

I think it makes a big difference if you ban or control firarms, which are only designed to kill without any other purposes,
or using an random item such as fertilizers, cars, or whatever you can think of, to kill someone and compare it to guns, in the gun control argument.

You can kill someone with basically anything but the chances to get killed by such an item are far more unlikely and easier to avoid, in the intend of harming or killing you, (Broken bottle-barfight, ex-wife/husband running you over with a car, a businesswoman using poison to kill British business men..etc.).

But if you insist of bringin it into a weapon control argument, then also expose how likely it is to be killed by fertilizer bombs (in comparison with a firearm) . Then we will see that it wouldn't stand as a fact based realistic argument.

About China homicide
I agree many countries polish their homicide cases by up or downgrading them in their categories, murder manslaughter...etc..
There is one thing I want to add for all the pro gun guys living in China.
If you really believe in the points you mentioned about selfdefense, defending against the opressive gov. etc....
So I want to ask would you like to have open gun laws similar to the U.S. here in China as well?

And if the gun guys really believe in it why don't they(lobbies) try to promote it to other countires (as usually prosporpus and potentially great ideas are being lobbied internationally) ?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Coloradans and guns

Thanks laotou, not sure if you are pulling my leg, if not thanks. :)
Reading the last post of mine seeing all the spelling errors, makes me wonder...!?!?! :D

You guys are cool and I have to say the GoKMG forum is great from maintenance to the people posting.

I know Moderator it's not subject related but it had to be said!

Cheers guys

Forums > Living in Kunming > Coloradans and guns

Apology accepted and the same here, if my tone was insulting or agressive, I apologize for it.
Also wasn't trying to step on your or anyone else's for that matter.
I agree, disagrement helps to learn new point and gather knowledge.
Sometimes I get carried away in my cynicism and sarcasm.

And yes you are right, I don't like to share where I am from, for safety reasons. Not many people from my country in Kunming, so I would be easy to spot
Please, don't misunderstand I' m not trying to be a child, really just safety stuff.

No worries Geezer, I'm a good stone dodger, they didn't hit me too hard. :)

Sorry from my side for being an ass.
Thanks Geezer,

The Dudeson's

Forums > Living in Kunming > New visa rules for Chinese visas

Most of the forums have to close, since most answers can be found through calling or researching the right place to find the needed information.
in this example:
Beijing PSB they will have all the answers, or the Chinese Embassies and Consulates in your country if you are applying abroad.

I think this thread/ OP, could have been posted in News and Information in the classifieds section.

The Visa regulation quite literally change all the time and are subject to the the province, if visa is applied in China.

If applying abroad, the local Consulates have all the informations, you need.

In my experience if you want to make sure you get your visa, go through visa consultants (at least in Europe) they are a bit pricy but they have the extra Zing to get your Visa done even if there are some errors in the application form, or less crucial documents are missing.


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So in my opinion.....Go beetle, go! But I think there are dangers as well. When it becomes a big business then all the people in life stock would change and let it become the same rotten business. And I think a few escaped colonies of something after a healthy amount of mutation can kill the same amount of vegetation as they saved....but in minutes.

Is it a great way to balance diet and help nature? ..Sure! but it needs to be handled with care.

About transportation versus life stock fart. It's true (in terms of tons in relation to efficiency) but also because car combustion engine produce greenhouse gas in a quite small amounts (comparitively).

But considering the waste or resources just to produce on damn kilo of meat, is unbelievable and doesn't make sense. From the soil to the chemicals we feed those poor creatures. To mega tax, non-green food would be a good option. There si a lot of fake green food but that is still better than the best non-green food.

Some insects taste good, if you don't eat them in those touristy spots. I had some insects in a proper (local) food place and it wasn't too bad. If you overcome you creeps.

The whole problem is so far progresed that is needs help everywhere, soiltreatment, farming, water treatment, animal food, and most important a change in our minds. If you buy a burger for a US$ (&the prices we expect), you can figure that everything in it is from exploitation of others and the environment.

I love Chinglish! Nothing better on a crappy day, than walking down the streets,
-reading what sort of plants are being raped=park signs,
-what cuelty has been shown to food-in menues,

-or whoever designed those roadsign being drunk and just throwing letters together that looked the most appealing.
I blame it on the baijiu.

I say save Kunming's Chinglish.

You have to love China for it's inefficinecy and stupidety, sometimes.
When I entered Changshui airport the first time I sensed that it's below any international standards,

(hence..not even soap in the washrooms).

Even the old AP was better managed and designed. Like most things in China the package looks great and what you find inside, is rubbish or crappy knockoffs.

Sorry guys you had to go through this, I'm not a fan of airports but I always enjoy Chinese prestige object failing....because there is the only consistency, the only efficiency... efficiency in sucking, with a 99.9% failure rate. :)

you are absolutely right fog is generally no problem (wind with humans).
There is a CAT scale measuring the fog density and only the CATIIIc requires certain equipment and experience by the pilot and crew. CATIIIc needs autoland sytems (not autopilot) guessing Chinese Airlines don't invest in's quite expensive.

All others are ok to approach and land with ILS... I wasn't there but I sincerely doubt it was CATIIIc that day. Plus usually normal airports have weather reports and are able to reroute in time to avoid what happend to you guys.

Also NORMAL airports have emergency staff...handing out free tea/coffee, soups, blankets, ticket returns and have a relation officer walking around making sure you are, as well as possible. Well, NORMAL airports.

For the cats at China Air Traffic...even rain, the least of all weather problems, brings the new Beijing airport to a complete shutdown. They literally closed all air traffic for as little as heavy rain.

They even have the regulation that there has to be 10 minutes space inbetween take offs in rain.

I guess Chinese airline pilots fly with a compass in their lap and wind speed is measured by licking the finger and hold it out of the window...

Again sorry guys but man I love China for that stuff. Welcome China to the 21st Century and Changshui airport to the 19th, if lucky. Was even reported on CCTV..Great job Kunming!


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