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Not sure if Natsymir means Kunming's four main urban districts or Kunming municipality when saying all the temples in Kunming, but Panlong Temple (盘龙寺) on the south end of Dianchi near Jinning is one of the largest and best-known temple compounds in the Dianchi Basin. I'm not an expert on it, but it seems to be one of the more important temples for Kunmingers - it is packed with locals who usually drive there from the city. Definitely worth including in your temple hunt, in my opinion.

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The GoKunming forum section is not intended to facilitate crowdsourced translation of any language into any language.

@yoland_yao: Please feel free to post a free ad in our classifieds section if you would like to find proofreading help.


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Just came back from the airport for the second day in a row... my 10pm flight was delayed to 11:30 and it seemed like no flights were managing to take off. Didn't want to spend another five hours at the airport waiting for my flight to be canceled, so I left.

There were several departure gates with angry crowds wanting to get out of Kunming. One small group was chanting "We want to go home!", they were being escorted away from their departure gate by the fuzz.

I saw a few lines of 50 or more people waiting for hot water to drink or for instant noodles. The airport's food and beverage facilities were doing brisk business.

I called the flight info hotline (96566) several times before going to the airport and after arriving and it was out of service.

Given the state of the airport tonight, I would suggest that anyone with flights tomorrow assume that there is a chance your flight will be delayed or canceled tomorrow. If there's any way to avoid checking luggage, I would recommend it. Should your flight be canceled, you won't be in the mood to wait an additional hour or two for your bags.

@blobbles: No changes to the article text were made.

Deng Ling requested a different photo at the top of the story because she said the original pic, which I shot the day before she left for London, made her look "like the old woman on the Hongdouyuan sign".

Anyway, I passed her request on to current GK management and they kindly complied.

Thursday we were wondering why the haze was so bad despite reports that the fire had been extinguished... until we saw this:

"A forest fire in southwest China's Yunnan Province started again Thursday morning, the local forest fire prevention headquarters said Thursday.

The fire was rekindled in Wangjiatan forest in Anning, a county-level city on the outskirts of the provincial capital of Kunming. The fire is currently under control, and nearby villages haven't been impacted, Cao Long, chief of the Yunnan forest armed police said."



Four stars for a great restaurant with friendly staff.

I give Tusheng Shiguan a fifth star for its goal of promoting environmentally sound food production.


My favorite Tengchong-style restaurant in Kunming. Their ersi and erkuai are trucked over from Tengchong and are the real deal — Kunming ersi and erkuai do not compare.

The restaurant itself is a bit jumbled, but there are a couple of tables outside in the courtyard that are nice to sit at when the weather's pleasant.

Don't believe them when they say they don't have lufu.


Tom and Jiajia have been baking up a storm lately. Thanks to them I have delicious sourdough bread to toast on the space heater in the office.

The Bircher muesli is probably the healthiest and most delicious breakfast around.

Pound for pound, one of the best little Western restaurants in China. 佳佳万岁


Just had gnocchi in mushroom sauce and a glass of wine for dinner on the balcony in mid-January. Awesome.