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Forums > Living in Kunming > Is Scally coming back at all?

I find the new GoK a lot less interesting. While it is easy to lay fault, part of the reason just change and tighter regulation.

Personally, I enjoyed the give and take in the forums. But when posts get surreptitiously "tidied up" I lose interest. Imposed harmony is boring. Neither am I interested in being controlled. But times change and so does the environment. I do find extreme amusement in the irony of a Situationist cracking the whip (Yeah, I had to look it up).

I miss Scally's writing and am a big fan of Jim Goodman. I did get a hoot watching a cooking video of

云南菜 getting stir fried in olive oil.

Expats are a strange lot as it takes a certain unusual perspective to live your life with each foot in a different boat. After 20 years in Asia conformity of U.S. life is dull. But then, I bought a home close the California beach which has been closed for the common good.

To those still getting the urge to post here, I strongly urge a sense of situational awareness be developed. Mind your words and topics as not all are welcome.

To Vera and Tiger: Nice try but when the road gets too narrow, it is hard to maintain traffic levels. Expats like us, me, are a different breed resistant to being pigeonholed. We don't confirm well and move on when squeezed. Too much unwelcome change and we are gone.

GoK served me well for a half dozen years. Best of luck guys.

Forums > Living in Kunming > New Coronavirus

A source if you want to get into the weeds with a free newsletter:

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) is an independent population health research center at UW Medicine, part of the University of Washington, that provides rigorous and comparable measurement of the world's most important health problems

Forums > Living in Kunming > New Coronavirus

Just a note on the transmissibility of the virus.

In estimating, forecasting or, my favorite, “guessing” the transmissibility of this, or any, disease a factor is used. This factor represents the big unknown and is used in most, if not all, modeling algorithms. It is called “R subzero.”

Not “R oh.” Often it is referred to as “R zero” or ‘R naught” or simply as “R” and represents the self-sustaining human-to-human transmission, or reproduction rate, of the virus.

This reproduction number is an estimate. It will always be an estimate, or an assumption (a guess), to be used in understanding and modeling the growth and spread of a disease.

Imperial College London has a report dated January 25, 2020, “Report 3: Transmissibility of 2019-nCoV” which is interesting.[...]


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While this is nothing new, having it called out is.

A dozen years ago, while wandering around Hainan taking photos, I took photos of a factory spewing pollution into the air. Back in Beijing I mentioned this to a friend who was an official at the old Ministry of Environmental Protection. She said "There are no factories in Hainan." When I told her I had photos, she shook her head and repeated, "There are no factories in Hainan," adding, "There can't be any pollution in Hainan."

Problem solved, I guess.



Good for quality, but pricey, hand tools.

Be aware they will push whatever they are selling. Some of the staff have no idea about the technical side of appliances.

I went there to buy a stove. I repeatedly told them I would be using bottled gas. They sold me a stove. When I went to my local gas guy, I learned there are at least three kinds of gas sold. Luckily, B&Q did not deliver as promised. I went back to the store and discovered they had sold me a stove they needed to be hooked up to the gas main. I got my money back.

The sales lady was almost in tears, 没有问题!I don't know if it a safety or design issue, but I would think B&Q would know and care.


Last week had an 8:45am flight.

Subway starts at 9am. I have no idea where to catch an airport express bus. Eight taxis refused to go to the airport. After almost an hour standing on Beijing Lu took a black taxi, this dude drives slower than my mother, 120 yuan.

Flight back was delayed so I learned the subway stops running at 6:10pm.

Getting a taxi back was easy, more taxis than customers. Taxi was 87 yuan including 1o yuan toll, airport to Beichen area. Yes, he took a longer route than necessary.

Kunming imagines being a gateway for international travelers. New airport but hard to get to and from it.

World Class Airport, NOT!


Tonight "Peacock", a performance by Yang Liping (杨丽萍), to begin her world tour, 8pm, 100-1680 yuan at Yunna Haigeng Auditorium.

Saw this lady perform at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, in California, in 1995. Quite a good and interesting show.

I'm going to try to make it.


Not so good. Kimchi had a very sour taste. Other food was nothing to brag about. I don't think I would go back.