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Forums > Living in Kunming > Rate of hiring a housekeeper

@nnoble: Dude, I am going to plagiarize "where self-appointed clever people are entitled to exert control and dispense advice."

Well put indeed.

I don't understand the response, I think but I am not sure, maybe.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Fireworks?

What is the issue with SLC? Seems to me SLC people think an awfully bit like folks from NOLA.

One of my great memories was a alcoholic SLC binge with a great bunch of people named Jack.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Fireworks?

Advocating the banning of fireworks, especially big loud ones shows a colonialist attitude toward China, Chinese and the 5000 years of Chinese culture. Besides, the Chinese invented fireworks and the loud bangs are necessary to frighten and drive away evil demons and monsters with big heads.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Western Backpackers

It is big backpack culture and not to be confused with big head culture. Most notably, big backpacks are filled with stuff for living and travel whilst big heads are quite empty save for trolling tenancies.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Wages, when to pay, different ways

I don't know what "capitalist greed/desire for profits" has to do with Chinese employers not paying employees in China. Nor do I understand the point of invoking the "capitalist" canard. The logic of assigning a group, or class, collective guilt for illegal or fraudulent behavior is to ignore it is dishonest individuals cheat other individuals and smacks of an unthinking, jingoistic view of society.

Not paying teachers was/is a common sport in Beijing, especially teachers working second jobs, working illegally, doing part time work or working without a contract. The usual school paradigm is that students prepay all tuition and teachers are paid monthly at the end of a month's work. Being told "I haven't been paid yet so I can't pay you" should set off alarms. Agreeing to teach for 150 per hour but then being told 1/3 would be retained until the term is completed is a clue things will go bad. Sometimes the school/agency will state the retained 1/3 is subject payment based on student evaluations. Sometimes the school/agent will impose fines or penalties on teachers. All of these must be recognized as "cost reduction" techniques at the teacher's expense.

My one experience as part of a group of teachers attempting to get an administrative remedy for an abusive school management who decided to ignore our contracts and Chinese law resulted in the arbitrator ruling it was a cultural problem. Essentially, the ruling was that the school's failure to perform to the terms of the contract was due to our attitude at being screwed and we foreign teachers were not aware of Chinese culture.


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This is interesting stuff. Thanks.

I have a free Kindle book, "Across China on foot" by Edwin Dingle, 1911. He spends a lot of time walking around Yunnan. He writes of being in the Yunnan Province capital of "Yun-Nan Fu" (云南府 ??). Not once does he use "Kunming".
Prior to the Mongols capturing what they named Kunming, it was known as Tuodong.

Note: You can download Kindle for PC or Mac, it is free. There are thousands of free books and several on China. It is fascinating to read 100 year old comments on China, Chinese, and China culture which are unchanged from feudal times until today.

On Google Maps you can find it here: 西华湿地公园, 昆明

On the map t looks about 8Km south of XiShan's Dragon's Gate, or 10Km south of Hu Bin Lu, 湖滨路,(connecting XiShan to the Dianchi area/Minorities Village Museum.)

Also on the map found a #33 bus stop about a kilometer south of road leading to the park. But I have no idea how to get on the #33 bus going south.

I agree, inflation is a lot high than 6.something. Not just meat has gone up.

I have noticed a lot of "inflation by deflation." By this I mean the price stays the same or slightly increases but the package content shrinks. At times, the package states the same weight but the formerly tight packaging is now loose.

Getting less for your money is inflation.



Good for quality, but pricey, hand tools.

Be aware they will push whatever they are selling. Some of the staff have no idea about the technical side of appliances.

I went there to buy a stove. I repeatedly told them I would be using bottled gas. They sold me a stove. When I went to my local gas guy, I learned there are at least three kinds of gas sold. Luckily, B&Q did not deliver as promised. I went back to the store and discovered they had sold me a stove they needed to be hooked up to the gas main. I got my money back.

The sales lady was almost in tears, 没有问题!I don't know if it a safety or design issue, but I would think B&Q would know and care.


Last week had an 8:45am flight.

Subway starts at 9am. I have no idea where to catch an airport express bus. Eight taxis refused to go to the airport. After almost an hour standing on Beijing Lu took a black taxi, this dude drives slower than my mother, 120 yuan.

Flight back was delayed so I learned the subway stops running at 6:10pm.

Getting a taxi back was easy, more taxis than customers. Taxi was 87 yuan including 1o yuan toll, airport to Beichen area. Yes, he took a longer route than necessary.

Kunming imagines being a gateway for international travelers. New airport but hard to get to and from it.

World Class Airport, NOT!


Tonight "Peacock", a performance by Yang Liping (杨丽萍), to begin her world tour, 8pm, 100-1680 yuan at Yunna Haigeng Auditorium.

Saw this lady perform at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, in California, in 1995. Quite a good and interesting show.

I'm going to try to make it.


Not so good. Kimchi had a very sour taste. Other food was nothing to brag about. I don't think I would go back.


This bus station is not located as indicated. It is further North!