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To Ludwig, and or any other knowledgeable forum reader

can I ask one more favor, I can not find on the google map the following place

''Tuanshan village -团山村 enlisted in world's most endangered sites
Tuanshan, a village 220 km south off Kunming, capital of southwest China's Yunnan Province, has been enlisted by the World Monuments Fund (WMF) as one of the 100 Most Endangered Places for the year of 2006''

The only Tuanshan I can find is 81 km North West from Chuxiong or 240 km Nort West from Kunming!

Do you know this place? is it worth passing by? I mean the one south off Kunming because we will be on our way to Yangyuang

thanks peter

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Bamei Village Wenshan county

When I needed any convincing about Puzhehei your pictures would be certainly all you need, what a beauties!!

Re the guesthouses in Puzhehei Vilage we will do that, I could find any on the internet only Puzhehei hotel with mixed reviews and Yinhu hotel in Jimping according the reviews damp rooms but clean sheets, the clean sheets sounds great, the damp room less, because we maybe want to stay 2 or 3 days in this area

We don't mind basic hotels as long we can recover occasionally in the upmarket ones

I have to explore your (?) website more coming weekend and we will use it certainly in the future also, we still have to explore the area around Tengchong,

This time we will spend also a lot of time in Guizhou is there a site like for Guizhou that you know of?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Bamei Village Wenshan county

Thanks Ludwig, this is a great help, we decided to skip Bamei, the tour busses and pony cart has killed our enthusiasm for Bamei, as a tourist you can not avoid it, but we always try to see some authenticity on our travel in China, so you think we could travel in one go from YuanYang to Xianrendong?
Our rental car plus driver comes with a GPS system what should help
to find the way, but on Google map it looks like many roads are still missing the final construction bit!
I try to look up Xianrendong for hotel accommodation on CTS or but could not find anything

Only guest houses I assume, any recommendations?


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If you look for authentic scenery, take the north road to Guangnan or take the old road direction Xingyi, beautiful villages with karst mountains as an backdrop. Puzhehei is an complete waist of time and money. Except for the one who likes this kind of mass tourism including the music, the screaming and shouting, maybe for young kids it is great fun, but for nature lovers it must be an nightmare


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