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More about the internet bar. The problem has more to do with the inexperience of the staff in dealing with foreigners than anything else. The trick is to find a helpful person who will allow you to help them run the data-entry on their computer for a minute (read -'let me see the screen'). I had no problem getting a net-card registered to me, once the 'foreign passport' tab was selected.

Not 100% successful, though. Tried helping some foreign friends do the same later, with the same helpful locals, but the computer system didn't like the info that time.


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I've only been there once, but the food seemed decent, and the yak-butter tea did not come with any of the retching afterwards which is often associated with the brew...


I've been going to their shop occasionally (whenever I need a major repair/overhaul) since 10 years ago. To sum it up, they treat their customers' bikes like their own! Great care and attention to detail combined with professional skills equals a great bike shop.