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The market in Guangfu Lu is okay, in the Southeastern section are a few shops selling Impreganted wood, this green stuff for protecting it. I still have some leftovers from last project (30pcs, 3m long, 10mm thick, 100mm wide). Let me know what you need, maybe I can rid myself of some stuff and you get a deal.


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I dont expect too much from the metro - one line makes not much difference, the whole network will be needed to really make an impact on the cities streets.
Till then the car craze will go on and only the few points along the open rail line may see a limited impact. This impact will mainly fueled by reduced busses or MianBao transports, as these may use the new system if faster, convient and most importantly CHEAP!

Lets see how they price the metro system. Based on what I read, hear and see Kunming City is close to bankruptcy and runs lots of Special Interest Entities to obtain loans and fund the ongoing developments. These entities may be tempted to get a fast return on investment, resulting in crazy pricing. Lets see.

For the airport: expect to see outreagous prices on taxis and lots of scams. The Taxi management at Wujiaba Airport is already one of the worst I've seen in China - so with bigger distance and higher stakes at play I expect this to increase drasticly.
It was said operation starts in January...I hope not before Spring Festival - that would be crazy, if I have a choice I would avoid flying for a period of 2-3months to get the things sorted out first.


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