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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Visa run to BKK

I was thinking of going to BKK on a visa run does anyone know how long they will give you for a tourist visa there? I hear stories of 7 day Visa's.

Forums > Living in Kunming > British Passport Quandry

Hi guys,

I wonder if anyone can advise me about what to do.

I am a British National and my passport expires in July 2013 my Chinese student visa expires in March 2013.

How can I renew my passport whilst staying China. I understand that if I renew my passport whilst I'm here my old passport & visa will be automatically invalidated. I would therefore have a new passport but be in China illegally.

Is there a way to renew my passport before my visa expires without invalidating my visa?

Obviously I have tried to get some answers from the embassy but just end up going round in circles listening to recorded messages.



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