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Forums > Living in Kunming > 2 DAY OUTDOOR MUSIC FESTIVAL


In the weekend of the 30th and 31st of March there will be a Music Festival at Pu Zhe Hei. Apparently this is a super beautiful place and some even compare it too Yang Shuo.

There will be a lot of bands from Kunming both Chinese and Foreign. Like Ma yuan shi ren, Chou pi nan, Warhorse, Yankadi and Sea Loving Mammals. 6 DJ's are also on the list.

Because the information hasn't made it to the community yet I will post a link to our Douban band page and if people are interested to know more just have a look.

Anybody who wants to know more about the bands, dj's or any other festival related information just react on this thread and hopefully all the pieces will fall into place.

Forums > Living in Kunming > LABA MUSIC WEEKEND

Tonight we have a GREAT Bandline up in Laba. ( )

On Friday the 2nd YANKADI will open the night with superb rhythms on drum. ( )
Followed by SEA LOVING MAMMALS who will explore the event horizon of Rock. ( )
SIGANGLI will highlight the evening with their mix of reggae and Wazu music. ( )

Saturday the 3rd will have Yankadi open again. (just because we like 'em so much :) WARHORSE or (to be a little bit more clear) John Nevada's new project with some of Kunming's greatest will set the night on FIRE! Lao Han's CHOU PI MANG will mellow everything out and have us wailing in front of the stage on their spirited reggae.

About Ticket Sale:
If you buy a 2 Day Ticket it will only cost you 40 yuan. Remember this is for 5 bands. (It's too good to be true) If you show up at the door a 1 night ticket will be 30 yuan and a 2 Day Ticket 50 yuan.

Pre-Sale ticket's are available at:

1 Wheatfield Bookstore ( opposite of Paul's shop )
2 Prague Cafe ( Wen Lin Jie )
3 Fullcup Cafe ( Next to the I-Max )

Hope to see you here.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for a good photoghraper!

Hi Lina,

my name is Eddy and I am from the Netherlands
My English is very good and I am currently learning
Chinese in Kunming.

Back home I studied photography on the Rietveld academy.
Worked for a gallery and magazines.

I have traveled a lot and my main style can be described
as photo's which try to stay as close to reality as possible.

If you want you can look at my work on picasa, just follow
the link:

Let me know what you think and what your program is
here in Kunming.

Eddy K.


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I never heard this song live or is it because they probably always play it at least twice as fast!!!! I really like it. GOOD work and of course the Video is super cool too. TY film congratzzz and to the Band wherever they are in China 高五啊!!!


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