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Forums > Living in Kunming > Extend wifi range.

Plug crimpers? RJ45 connectors? CAT5+? b/g standards? I guess I've reached that age where I'd just call some guy to come set it up while I'm watching TV. Now get off my damn lawn!!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Airplane Ticketing

Oldish thread it seems, but always relevant. My Chinese wife swears to Ctrip. We must have ordered tickets at least 20 times over the past years and never had any problems. Just go for e-tickets and show your passport at check-in. If you want to wait for real in hand tickets it usually takes a while, but that's supposedly the case for all the net sites. Highly recommendable.


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4 years?? Back in Scandinavia we have some of the most lenient sentences in the world, but raping a 4 year old would land you at least double that, or a spot in an mental institution. This is the problem with corruption, if his friends and acquaintances on the other side of the law aren't playing along, he's going to take them down with him. Please don't tweet this more than 499 times. I want to stay harmonious.

I don't know what kind of geologist would "expect" an even larger quake within 10 days. The release of tension in the 5.9 and the subsequent aftershocks ought to significantly LOWER the chance of quakes until the tension rebuilds, which of course could take anything from a year to a hundred. I have no idea why anyone would try to install fear in people like that when scientific evidence -or rather, past experience in this case- suggests that such events are unlikely, but yeah, of course can not be ruled out.

I'm not a proponent of capital punishment but this is a case seriously testing my feelings. If you can earn yourself a bullet to the head for holding on to more than 20 grams of hard drugs, where is the equivalent for greedy, ruthless people who knowingly conspire to risk the health of hundreds of thousands of their customers? You know what, maybe chopping off a few heads could set an example for other sociopaths to behold.

Considering the price of rhino horn in China due to TCM superstition, sadly I think it's only a matter of time before one or more are poached.



Went there yesterday and it totally made my week. Nice decor and friendly staff and a real salad bar. Sadly we both wanted mexican food so I can't really say much about their other courses. The food was great but just a tad spicier would have improved the dish. The best thing was that we almost had the place to ourselves and we could have a quiet conversation without shouting, spitting Chinese people in the background. I realised how much I had missed that since coming here.


We went to Chicago Coffee a couple of days ago and it was a nice experience. The place is cozy with soft comfy chairs (I realized how much I have missed one since coming here) and they have a nice little collection of English language books in the corner consisting mainly of classics and travel litterature. I was looking forward to trying their advertized tortilla bar but it wasn't up and running that evening.

Instead we went for 2 12 inch pizzas -roast chicken and pepperoni- but we quickly realized that 1 would have been enough. Those things are heavy. I am mainly into Italian style pizza but Chicago's double layered pizzas are well worth a try. Their coffee seems to be a bit on the expensive side but people say good things about it and they have got a nice selection. I wouldn't mind dropping by again some day,, hopefully when they've got the tortilla thing going. English speaking staff btw.