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yes lisa .. a chinese friend of mine who is an excellent teacher of Yoga and meditation has his own studio and his english name is Joshua and chinese name is tang jie and his number is 15887806381. his add is in the classified part but he is one of the best here... or email me at

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hey I think that the problem with living in kunming and being gay is that all the men seem to be way under 35 yrs. The men in kunming over 35 yrs old are well and truly married, but still gay... hmmm! So the chances of having a real relationship is very slim indeed. Hey nothing against these younger gay men, but I think I would like someone 35 yrs and older.. not a problem. cheers have a good week. Also there is a big problem with no real easy going places to go in this city and still there are too many money boys here.. ok take care and have a good week.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Gay Life in Kunming

hey I also am foriegner living in kunming for several years and looking to meet up with another gay guy. Went out with chinese local guy for a few years.. I love kunming but the gay life does not really exsist or is so hidden. Really tired of meeting guys who think that all western people have lots of money... want to meet someone for me.. not the money side... anyway contact me at email if you would like to meet up for coffee..or?


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Hey everyone Mikes Family ask you to attend a good bye or farwell to mike at 10 am at Yunnan 3rd hospital on Beijing Lu Road Sunday 23rd August 2009.
To mikes friends to come and see him off before the cremation. Best wishes the Dawson Family


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