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Forums > Living in Kunming > Indian Visa

I got an Indian visa in Chiang Mai. Takes 5 working days (though possibly less if you cross their palms with silver!) and lasts for 6 months.

Forums > Living in Kunming > English teaching: Is it viable in Kunming?

Robert's School of Languages is the largest private language school in Kunming, run by an English guy with over 3000 students from 6 - 60! Always on the lookout for foreign teachers (esp with quals and exp). I'm one of 10 foreigner working there at the moment (plus 30 Chinese teachers) and it's a fun, supportive, professional atmosphere. Worth a look (contact

HOWEVER, I believe a recent PSB rule change means you can't get proper work visa without first returning to your home country to apply. So just turning up and looking for (legit) work is no longer such a good idea. Maybe others can confirm this?

Forums > Living in Kunming > No More Plastic Bags!

Fair enough, Bucko. Do you know if the shop keeps the money or does it go to some environmental fund? The multinationals (Carrefour, MacDs etc) must be delighted at the extra unearned revenue otherwise? I just wonder if a some recycling system similar to that for plastic bottles wouldn't be more efficient, and would end up with poorer people getting the extra cash?? Too late now, I guess!


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When I worked for a year at Mengzi Teacher's College in 1996 we used to go into town by horse and cart. Returning a decade later it was taxis only and my old College had been swallowed up by the huge HongHe University. Such is progress in Chinese.

The best part of a visit to the Golden Temple is the alpine slide which can drag you half way UP the hill and later let you zig-zag DOWN at the end of your visit, Buy the ticket for this at the same time as buy your entrance ticket or you pay extra for it later..



Prague cafe used to be my favourite cafe in Wenlin area but I went for lunch there today after a few months away and it's really gone downhill (new owners?). The menu was a photocopy, the food was lacklustre and much more expensive than before, the decor was dull and the service so-so. I won't be back there anytime soon.


It's open! And it's free. And its terrific for kids.

The museum is surprisingly interactive (although only 2/3 of the attractions are working) and modern (VR, simulators, touchscreens, etc). Sadly, no English on any of the displays but the fun is in trying to work out how the exhibits work and what they are supposed to be showing. Well worth a visit.


Much improved from a few years ago. Lots of interesting displays, with Plenty of English language translations. Nice open area in the middle where kids can have a run around. And it's free.


The Bird and Flower Market hosts a Flea Market on Saturdays and Sundays, 9am to 6pm. There's 30-40 people selling stuff, but nearly all of it is "ancient" coins, comics, badges, ceramics, Mao memorabilia etc. The vendors have official-looking lanyards and numbered pitch sites. Nice for tourists, but not the free-for-all I had hoped for.


This place is worth a visit although it's some way out of town and ticket prices are 200+ RMB per adult (the annual family pass is only 900 RMB though).

In "Ocean Park" you have a large aquarium, and dolphin/seal/beluga whale shows. The "Snow Park" there is huge indoor refrigerated building with various ice slides, aerial walkways, skiing, skating, ice sculptures etc. In addition the theme park has funfair rides and a circus (note: inc some animal performances). These are all part of the entrance fee. You could easily spend a whole day here or two days including travel from Kunming.