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Well, it didn't "fail"... I paid, they got their money. I'm not "afraid" of small change, it was just a pain for them to give and for me to receive (esp when I had looked out the exact money to make it easy for all). I just think there must be a more efficient way. What does "toolish" mean??

Forums > Living in Kunming > Dental work?

More details about this "Stomology" hospital are in a previous dental thread, inc contact details for their top dentist.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Flights and visas from Kunming

[... thread cntd from Private Joker's "Psychological Help" thread!]

I'm interested in countries near Yunnan that I can fly to directly, esp if they require no visas, or visas can be obtained in Kunming. Can anyone confirm or update this information (for UK/US/OZ travellers) ...

Vietnam, Hanoi (visa? from where?)
S. Korea, Seoul (no visa req'd?)
Burma, Rangoon (visa from Kunming)
India (nearest visa issuing office in Chiang Mai, Thailand?)
Cambodia (visa avalaible in KM?)
Laos (visa available in KM?)
Thailand (free tourist visa on arrival?)
Malaysia (no visa req'd?)
Singapore (no visa req'd?)
Bangladesh (where's the nearest place I can get this visa from? Bangkok?)
HongKong (no visa req'd?)


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Sad to hear of the problems caused by the rain. But my neighbourhood has now had running water for 6 weeks, after a year and a half without. So I'm personally delighted to hear that thunder!

Mengzi North Station is some way from town as mentioned in the article. Unfortunately, the organised rank of buses pictured above is now a sprawl of taxis, private cars, 3-wheeled motorcycles and buses. Taxis cost about 40RMB to the city centre. Buses are 2RMB, but wait until packed full and only go to the bus station, which is still some way from downtown. The North Station is a temporary measure and locals said that the new station - more centrally located near HongHe University - is expected to be open by the end of the year. We'll see...

There is a huge new museum (HongHe Provincial) in the new town, which is worth a visit, primarily for the final section which is a great display of minority costumes, photos, tools, instruments etc.

I stayed at the HongDa JiuDian hotel (86-083-3735588) and highly recommend it. Rooms are 220RMB for a clean, quiet, well-appointed double. Staff are friendly. Breakfast is included and checkout is a late 2pm (which is great if you want to take the 3.50pm train back to Kunming). The lake and old town are 10 minutes walk away.



I've previously railed against this place's terrible customer service (despite having the best range of western food in Kunming). But things are definitely improving. You no longer have to show a card on arrival (a QR code will do as you check out), your bags are not taken off you in order to get in, there are trolley-cars for kids to ride in and a lot of the food items that had gone missing over recent months seem to have been restocked.


The museum has expanded and now also has a nice section on China's High Speed Train System, including a mock-up of the inside of a HS train.


Took my son to the waterfall today. Nice grounds, well kept. There's a children's activity park towards the far end of the lake. As an alternative to the previously explained route, you can leave 司家营 station at Exit A and take a three-wheeled "taxi" to the Park for 10RMB. The Park itself is free and has a nice marked running track for those so inclined.


This is a great show which, although pricey (about 100RMB depending on seat, kids under 1metre for free) is pretty good value for a 1.5 hour show. Few animals (horses, dogs and a couple of camels only) and lots of impressive human feats, with an international flavour. I was pleasantly surprised and my son loved it.