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Forums > Living in Kunming > Walmart no more

Carrefour has a "press this button if the checkout queue has more than 5 people in it". I delighted in repeatedly pressing the button the other day until I checked around the back and found it had no connections to anything else. Duh!!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Driver License Test

I agree with Dan. It's a fun, but inaccurate online test. Even the opening introduction isn't quite right...
"It is somewhat easier for foreigners to obtain their Chinese license in China - they only have to learn a 100 questions".
There are 100 questions, but chosen at random from a list of thousands. Just the same as for Chinese, as I understand it. I also don't recall seeing any "I don't know" options. What would be the point of that?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Starbucks coming to town?

One of my adult students went for an interview for manager of the "new Starbucks" in Kunming, so it's definitely on the way. I also heard on good authority that there's already one near Metro in the north of the city?

Forums > Living in Kunming > What a Dump!

Strange. I shopped there 3 days ago and it was heaving with imported food. The workers seemed really busy too - closing down aisle after aisle to restock the shelves... Sure it was Metro you went to?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Flight prices to Europe

Does anybody know why flights to Europe seem to have suddenly increased by 50%? I'm planning a return flight Kunming to London in July/August. A few months ago this was about 7000RMB, now it's over 10,000RMB! Anybody seen any deals or know of discount travel agencies??


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Not relevant? It's totally relevant to your quote, "Pharmaceutical drugs are made from petrochemicals...".
Sorry - your links are all blocked for me. Agree to disagree, OK?



Prague cafe used to be my favourite cafe in Wenlin area but I went for lunch there today after a few months away and it's really gone downhill (new owners?). The menu was a photocopy, the food was lacklustre and much more expensive than before, the decor was dull and the service so-so. I won't be back there anytime soon.


It's open! And it's free. And its terrific for kids.

The museum is surprisingly interactive (although only 2/3 of the attractions are working) and modern (VR, simulators, touchscreens, etc). Sadly, no English on any of the displays but the fun is in trying to work out how the exhibits work and what they are supposed to be showing. Well worth a visit.


Much improved from a few years ago. Lots of interesting displays, with Plenty of English language translations. Nice open area in the middle where kids can have a run around. And it's free.


The Bird and Flower Market hosts a Flea Market on Saturdays and Sundays, 9am to 6pm. There's 30-40 people selling stuff, but nearly all of it is "ancient" coins, comics, badges, ceramics, Mao memorabilia etc. The vendors have official-looking lanyards and numbered pitch sites. Nice for tourists, but not the free-for-all I had hoped for.


This place is worth a visit although it's some way out of town and ticket prices are 200+ RMB per adult (the annual family pass is only 900 RMB though).

In "Ocean Park" you have a large aquarium, and dolphin/seal/beluga whale shows. The "Snow Park" there is huge indoor refrigerated building with various ice slides, aerial walkways, skiing, skating, ice sculptures etc. In addition the theme park has funfair rides and a circus (note: inc some animal performances). These are all part of the entrance fee. You could easily spend a whole day here or two days including travel from Kunming.