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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Direct flights to Kathmandu?

I had heard that there are now direct flights from Kunming to Kathmandu, but I can't seem to find one. Anyone know if this is true or not? Maybe the flights only run in the summer (we want to go in January)? Thanks!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Vibrator/sex toys

Very funny. Taobao is a little tricky if you can't read Chinese, "Hugh in 2009". And why do you assume "hslaaa" needs a boyfriend? Why do people say insulting and hurtful things on forums that they would never say to anyone in person? Anyway, I've been here three years and still don't know the names of most of the streets, but if you start at Green Lake Park and follow Yuan Tong Jie, cross Beijing Lu and continue on a block or two until the street starts to curve to the left, you'll see a shop on the right hand side just before the curve; look for the above mentioned characters. The shop is very small as most of them seem to be. Don't know if they have what you want, though, as I was in search of the now infamous pink egg at the time. Have you tried Watson's? Don't know if they have any up north, but there are quite a few in the center where we live. Good luck and pay no attention to the pinheads with too much time on their hands!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Visa extensions/changes

My question is this: How close to the day that your original L-visa expires can you apply for an extension? And when does the extended visa take effect? If it takes 7 days to process, does that mean I have to go apply for a 30 day extension 7 days before my current one expires? Thanks.


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I have a suggestion. Would it make sense to title the excellent GoKunming interviews with something that gives the reader an idea of who the person interviewed might be? Because just saying "Interview: so and so" gives the reader nothing to go on and less likely to actually click on it and read it. Just a thought.

The insatiably greedy, swallow up the little guy with our vast reserves of capital American corporate behemoth known as Starbucks has been driving locally owned cafes out of business all over the globe, while it treats its employees like dirt. I see no cause for celebration at the news that Yunnan is one step closer to being corporatized and globalized. If you can't live without your Starbucks fix, go back where you came from instead of cheering on the ruination of wonderful, funky, unique Yunnan. A Starbucks in Dali?! I hope I never live to see that day arrive. Wake up.



The Korean restaurant at 18 Wen Lin Jie is under new management and I recommend it highly. It is chef owned, the owner (Ivan) and his wife speak a little English, and they are very friendly and helpful. Fast service, excellent Korean food and good prices. No, I'm not related to them, I just really enjoyed our evening there recently and want to spread the word in hopes that they'll do well and be around for a long time so we can keep going back!