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I have seen it in YouTube. Well the subject is really important to post some lights on this criminal but i think the production is very weak and the producer took almost the time to show up him self more than focus on the issue .Introduction is so long too.

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I don't know about the boxerweak's link .For the Facebook page it's totally clean material with no spams .However the materials been uploaded to three or more free servers which could require to count some seconds to download .


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Very nice report .
The worst thing is the thieves .One i was taking the same route and as i don't sleep well in buses i felt the thief tiring to steal from my bag .I went to his place and shouted to him no one from the Chinese care!! or open his eyes or ask what happened even the thief hold a knife later.I was dirty horrible experience to use such bus

I had the honor and the pleasure to know Arun Veembur and I was very sorry to hear about his passing away. I had the greatest respect for him and will miss him.


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