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Forums > Living in Kunming > Recycling batteries

I'm not sure where they eventually end up, but the local tax bureau on Xichang Lu has a battery receptacle. I think they might be at various other government office buildings as well.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Electric bicycle ban..

The cars are annoying, but they are pulled over and fined with increasing frequency, especially in the city center. The electric bikes, which I think are pretty cool, do cause a lot of problems. Until now, there has been virtually no enforcement, and you often see the electric bikes going the wrong way down the street, driving in pedestrian zones, and causing all kinds of other havoc. It doesn't help much that they are completely silent and most drivers don't turn on their headlights at night. If they don't start policing them better, some official will get annoyed and ban them outright.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Swimming in Kunming

There is a nice outdoor pool at Chunyuan Xiaoqu (West side of town, near Wicker Basket). However, they've got a big construction project nearby, and I'm not sure how that affects the pool.

The other outdoor one is at Jinkang Yuan Xiaoqu in the north.


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Great stuff. Keep it coming.
Here are a few suggestions/requests for future cooking posts:
- su hongdou (crispy red beans n kale)
- kao qiezi (roast eggplant, shaokao style)
- erkuai ji (chicken w/ erkuai)

It's great to see, after all these years of talk, that environmental policy might be starting to grow some teeth.
I've also read that a lot of Beijingers and city govt leaders are looking at how they can keep up the environmental improvements they made during the Olympics. Some good came out of those games after all.

There is actually one last segment of the wall still intact. It stretches along the back of the restaurants in wenhua xiang that abut the Yunda foreign students dorm. The wall can be seen from some of those dorm rooms, and was visible from the street a few years ago when many of those restaurants were rebuilt.

Good stuff. Too many people keep trying to tell me that this building is the old French legation. I've even seen it written in the guide books



Excellent Thai food served in a beautiful art deco setting. The bar is also top notch, with great cocktails, whiskys and cigars.

When the weather is good, try to get a table on the rooftop garden, which offers views of the Bird and Flower market.

May be a little pricier than some of the other Thai restaurants in town.


An exciting new gallery space built from an old factory warehouse in the Paoluda Creative Industry Park. Looking forward to seeing what they'll do with it.


A great little place in the middle of a beautiful valley chock full of great climbing spots.

The beds and rooms are very comfortable, though the bathrooms are shared, and of the "eco" variety (a plus as far as I'm concerned).

The owners are very helpful about everything from info on climbing spots to trip planning and getting around the area.

Also, the place is dirt cheap. I wholeheartedly recommend it.


I heard they revamped the burgers so I went there for one last night. Had the blue cheese burger. Total mess, cheese and carmelized onions dripping all over the place. It was awesome.