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Today I happened to see some footage I took on a recent trip to Dali that brought to mind a difference of the cultural tourism preferences. On Erhai Lake, I have ridden both small & large boats, and I much preferred the small. On the large boat, I hardly felt I was on a lake at all, but more like a hotel! Sure, there was a demo of the Bai Tea thing, but that didn't have to be on a boat. However there are multitudes of Chinese tourists who flock to the big boat tours everyday. I'm not quite sure why, but it seems to be a preferable tourism experience for Chinese. Is it because Chinese like to have comfort for their holiday? Or is it clever marketing that this is the 'quintessential' Erhai experience?
Do Chinese people happily put up with the obligatory jade market stop part-way through their day tour to Stone Forest etc? Is that because they enjoy mixing shopping with sight-seeing?
I'm not sure, but Chinese tourism is different to Western tourism. Is that a surprise? If tourism was the same all round the world, why would anybody bother to travel?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Chinese Tourists

Ha, I wonder what Chinese think of Western tourists!
I heard of one person who saw some with their huge backpacks and asked "他们在搬家吗?" (are they moving house?)
I also heard of a Western tour group who came and would only eat McDonalds for every meal! Tragic failure to even make an attempt to appreciate real Chinese cuisine.
Interesting to observe the differences noted in all the posts here and their reflection of the nature of tourism of different cultures.

Forums > Living in Kunming > How to buy things on US Amazon then ship to kunming??

I have ordered through Amazon into Kunming. I couldn't find a way to provide the address in Chinese characters, but with pinyin I still received a parcel. However my next one didn't get through. They were totally useless in tracking it once it entered the Chinese system, but eventually they gave me a refund credit.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Giving birth in Kunming

Wow, Danmairen presumes to know so many things about me, even my nationality, and then speculates on what my comments mean, and then proceeds to describe this speculated presumed opinion as "crap"! People now get insulted here not just for what they say, but for what they haven't said!

You obviously have little interest in anyone else's opinion, but since you are not a "fan" what is your opinion about the Chinese view of abortion? Is that about the late term abortions that Heniu mentioned, or something more?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Giving birth in Kunming

Also be aware that some of the doctors who deliver babies also perform abortions. If you don't wish to have your baby delivered by a doctor who also terminates babies, then make some enquiries. If you'd rather not know, then don't ask! Killing the unborn is a huge money-earner for some Chinese hospitals.
Just letting you know in case that would be a factor that bothers you.


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So that is the poster that says in English: "Wickedness, Clean Environment, Stability, Safety". Surely they could afford to give somebody here a bit of pocket money to check their wording? Unless they really want to disclose their motivation as Wickedness?

The article from the UK Telegraph that refers to the perpetrators "attempting to leave China to join jihad" states that the Chinese website that quoted these comments from Qin later deleted them. What would that mean, that the authorities are backpedalling from that theory? Or want to suppress it? Or that it was too unsubstantiated?

No-one said that faith excludes intellect or logical analysis. Creationists also use logical analysis. But since evolutionism has not been "proved" with "finality", the question is still open. And creationists use intellect, but not as the only string to their bow.


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