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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Driving to Chiang Mai, Thailand

i think the rule was that if you drive and enter Thailand, you are only permitted to drive in the province that you enter. So it might still work for Chiang Mai, but need to check.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Yunda ready to move

What I've heard that other colleges have done is leave just the postgrad programmes at the old campus, and move all undergrads to new campus in Chenggong, Yanglin, or Anning etc.

Forums > Living in Kunming > who thinks we chat is for business use

Maybe it depends on your expectation. If you think of it as a personal social media, similar to Facebook or Instagram, then maybe you will get annoyed with marketing messages appearing. But we need to recognize that WeChat is WeChat and is not simply a Chinese version of something else we think we are familiar with. WeChat is used for what WeChat is used for, and many people find it a useful tool for advertising etc. If I don't like the spam that someone sends me, then I can disconnect from that person, and if someone posts too many ads on Moments then I have the option to hide their posts. Other than that, I can learn to enjoy the uses of the app that I want to enjoy.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Please sign the petition.

A question is how does change in Chinese society occur. Sometimes it could be a combination of foreign and local advocates (such as the end of foot-binding). Maybe today it would be through a viral Weibo campaign claiming certain practices to be "backward" and "uncivilized".
Another question is what changes are most needed. Protecting the lives and dignity of animals is a good cause. But what about protecting the lives and dignity of humans in China? So many humans live under the poverty line, where are the protests about that? Even after the 2-child policy, countless innocent humans are slaughtered in the womb, where are the public campaigns?
Maybe an animal clip on youku is actually a distraction to the public from more important & necessary changes closer to home that no-one wants to talk about ...

Forums > Food & Drink > KFC versus Dico's

I think Dicos has improved. Actually they have nice thick chips these days. KFC is a little dearer, but i think a better range in their menu.


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I think creationists also claim some scientific proof for their position (presumably making different interpretations than evolutionists), but also relying upon more than science alone. Existence does not derive or consist of intellect alone, but also of the heart and the soul. Evolutionists usually do not comprehensively address existence in this way. Thus the theories have different purposes, so try and contrast them on a scientific basis alone (even when one cannot fully disprove the other anyway) is only looking at part of the picture. Apples and oranges.

Being tongue-in-cheek I used the emotive term propaganda. If there were ulterior motives of evolutionists, it would be to claim they have through science "disproved" an alternative explanation of origins such as creationism, proponents of which do not usually purport to rely on science alone anyway. However as you agreed, even science has not proven evolutionism. Thus to claim that it has, doesn't that seem something like propaganda?

My comment was intended to be tongue-in-cheek, following on from the discussion on the other thread recently about evolutionism. I was just saying, like Alien indicated above, that this is a theory not beyond doubt as to its validity, and open to revision and reinterpretation. Other forms of science are verified through experimentation and observation, but that does not apply to evolutionism, for which those methods are not available. Despite all of this, pronouncements by evolutionists seem to be treated unquestionedly as fact rather than speculation and interpretation.


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