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Forums > Food & Drink > where to buy good red wine

try 360buy.com

they have decent wine at very low prices and they do free delievery with purchases above 39kuai

huge selection but ordering may prove challenging without basic chinese

did i mention they also accept cash or POS payments at your door?

just my 2cents

Forums > Living in Kunming > Average price of e-scooter?


there are chinese classifieds like 58.com and ganji.com that sells all kinds of stuff including bikes and scooters.

maybe yankee is refering to the classifieds on this website?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Average price of e-scooter?

3500kuai would be a top notch model, right?

what about a regular one that has a range of 50km per charge.

what would one like that cost brand new?


i am just looking to buy a mid range model that has that range, any specific brand or model recommendations would be very helpful. thanks.


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