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Forums > Food & Drink > uprock ... over and out??

That place was doomed from the start with prices for drinks that could be out-matched at any similar venues. The music was good, and people had fun, but the priority seating and abundance of high school students kind of ruined it for me - a bit too "Kundu" for my tastes, and seemingly for a lot of others as well.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Bombs on busses

So what's the verdict on this? Was it a tire explosion or engine malfunction, or what? The article in the 春城晚报the other day wasn't too informative on whether it's a bomb or not.

Although, it would be entirely coincidental if two buses had bombs on the same route last week and this week was simply a "malfunction" of sorts...

Forums > Food & Drink > No Smoking at Salvador's?

While the WiFi was clearly a decision on Salvador's part for whatever reason - it doesn't affect me much as I use the internet at home. The hub at the center table downstairs is a great idea, though.

EHS aside, I do believe most other establishments that cater to the same clientele are still using WiFi networks as an added service to customers, so I suppose for most of you who are "allergic" to these radio waves it's an added bonus for you. However, banning cell phone use is a bit too much. There are millions of cell phones being used all the time in this city, and banning their use in a restaurant to cater to a select few who are sensitive to them seems to overstep the boundaries of common sense.

In terms of what's going on now at Salvador's, I think a great common ground has been found so that those who don't appreciate smoking can still come and enjoy the food during specific times.

Or you could always go to a missionary joint and not have to worry about it at all...

Forums > Living in Kunming > DVDs on Wen Hua Xiang

This is just a little note to those of us living in Kunming who find ourselves at the DVD stores a bit more often than we should be:

Of course everyone knows the large DVD shop beside the police station on Wen Hua Xiang. I used to shop there regularly, but no longer. Last week I bought a DVD boxset for 98 yuan - including 6 DVD-9 discs. I felt the price was a bit steep compared to what is normally charged for a DVD-9 (around 10RMB give or take) and asked the boss what was up. "All of them are like this, the boxsets," he replied. I was pretty desperate for the set so I simply paid the man, regretting it a bit but sure I'd enjoy my purchase once I got home.

This afternoon I stopped by another DVD shop on Jian She Lu, opposite Xin Jian She Cinemas - the smaller one, albeit with the same company name and even the same bags. As it turns out, the shops are owned by one family with different "managers."

I checked out the same DVD boxset I had purchased a few days before at the Wen Hua Xiang shop. The price was 20 yuan cheaper! I felt this was kind of a steep difference, so I asked the boss at this Jian She Lu shop what was up. I told her I had bought the same exact set for 20 yuan more. She replied, "Some factories charge different prices, so even if it looks the same, the quality on yours will be better." Clearly this woman didn't know me well - you can't bullshit a bullshitter!

In any case, avoid the Wen Hua Xiang shop if possible and shop somewhere else. The boss inflates prices due to the number of foreign shoppers who don't know any better. At one point I wanted to buy a leather case for my discs and the price at his shop was 180 yuan - the same exact case at the small shop on Yi Er Yi Da Jie was 100. Avoid this shop like the plague.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Booze @ Uprock

I'll add to this. Simply stated, the drinks they serve are horrible. One of two things is happening - one, they're serving fake alcohol (or watered down) - or two, they're really skimming on the shots. I bought a gin and tonic, and I'll be damned if it didn't taste like a glass of club soda. My wife had a vodka red bull, and shockingly enough, not a hint of vodka's notorious taste nor smell present.

Go there for the music, but have a drinking session somewhere else before you go.


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I mean it's quite an accomplishment, but to my eyes over the years it seems to have gotten worse rather than better.
What with hundreds of thousands of newer cars over the years, how does this happen? Does that fall under this 2.5 particulate matter?

Did they happen to mention which city had the overall worst air quality in China?

If this case is like many others in Kunming, it will be quite some time before we hear any solid information regarding the case.

The police have a huge job on their hands now, and are certainly feeling the pressure of having to explain (or attempt to explain) what exactly happened that morning, and why.

I must say I'm really surprised at the lack of attention this has received in the national news. Having a potentially western-targeted attack anywhere in China is huge, and could be a very ominous sign of things to come. Let's all hope it was just a random act of aggression as Lester has pointed out.

The miracle is that no one else was hurt.

Like most of you, I'm of course skeptical about the police killing two birds with one stone and asking a man with severed legs if he had committed other crimes before dying...but that's the official story and unfortunately there isn't any more information to go on at this time.

Just to clarify, isn't an ammonium nitrate bomb essentially a fertilizer bomb? I may be wrong on this but I think it which case it's doubly surprising nobody else was hurt, as bombs like that are incredibly powerful.



Went there for the second time with a few friends the other day. Despite being in really tight quarters, the beers were cold and priced well at 8 yuan for a Qingdao, I believe. We went late afternoon and played with the chess board. Very cool.

The only thing I was surprised about was a 36 kuai game fee we had to pay the next evening? We weren't told that when we were offered the chess board... and weren't charged the first time we went. Needless to say, if that's the case we won't be going back.


This is a bit of an update from my previous review three years ago. I still enjoy coming here more than any other place in the area, and find it to be far quieter and much more relaxing than other places nearby.

I'm still going to complain about the service. This is the ONE thing that they still haven't managed to do correctly or consistently. It's not so much the girls working there...most of them do a good job and even smile from time to time. My main complaint lies with the incredibly rude "manager," a rather rotund, homely looking Chinese woman.

When I ask for an order of fries at 10:30 PM for my friends and I who've been buying drinks for the past three hours, I'd appreciate not getting a irritated smirk back. Don't feign looking towards the kitchen like it's such a chore you'd rather not bother. In fact, I had to ask her twice. The second time I said, "Can they be made?" to which I simply received a nod. No smile, no nothing.

Get rid of this woman and the place would improve and be even better than it already is. It's not the first time she's been rude or dismissive to us and we consider ourselves to be "regulars." She's a mass of pestilence that's ruining an otherwise great place here in downtown Kunming.


I visited this fine establishment with my wife on Valentine's Day and we had a wonderful experience.
The first thing we noticed was the ambiance - it was fantastic. A nice, quiet place playing relaxing music.
The second thing we noticed was that it was CLEAN. Spotless. I felt like I was back home in the states, and it felt good to be in such a well-maintained restaurant.
The staff were extremely friendly and helpful, and we were a bit taken aback, to be honest. We hadn't received such wonderful service since being back home - - - we've been accustomed to rude waitresses and horrible service for a long time!
A bit on the pricy side, but not outrageously so. I'd certainly recommend some of their desserts, and their sandwich selection looked amazing.

The only downside I can see to this place is the location. Too. Damned. Far. Unless you live in the area it's quite a pain to get out there in a reasonable amount of time due to Kunming's less-than-adequate transportation systems. On that note, however, I think it's relative remoteness from the center of town allows it to have the great atmosphere it does.

The first time I've been in a restaurant where I forgot I was in China. I really felt at home.

Give it a shot if you haven't been there already.