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Forums > Living in Kunming > The Horror

Methinks the drug trade flourishes here in China just as much as the United States. Given the fact that nearly the entirety of Asia is supplied with all manner of illicit drugs by areas not far from us, it wouldn't be an entirely ridiculous statement.

That being said, why are there always so many apologists?

Yes, our foods have tons of chemicals in the West. Find a food that doesn't. If you're fortunate enough to live off an entirely organic diet, good for you. Most of us can't.

In addition, we have organizations like the FDA, and while they aren't perfect, and I'm sure some of you internet sleuths could find a dozen articles about why the FDA sucks, it's still leagues ahead of anything China has going on right now.

Yes, we had similar things going on in the United States 100 years ago, and probably even sooner. Our food distribution regulation didn't even really start working until the 50s. However, that was the 1950s, when scientific technology wasn't really all that sophisticated, and people's concept of what was good for you was a healthy habit of one pack of Lucky Strikes a day and a stiff drink in the evenings. The fact that these people are producing eggs (I saw the story too) entirely out of chemicals shows how well they grasp what they're doing, but insist on selling harmful additives anyway.

Next, I'll expect someone to pull out the argument, "but, but, they've only been developing for thirty years!" I don't care. Stop treating these people like children, these food producers and farmers know exactly what they're doing, going after the almighty RMB and getting as much as they can without a speck of concern for the health of their people.

The fact that in this day and age people are cooking food with oil scooped out of the sewers is atrocious.

I'd rather eat a krispy kreme doughnut than barbecue on the corner any day.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Seedy land deal in Tengchong

Where does China have a lot of arable land? Last I checked, it was hovering at somewhere around 12%, and the quality of that land is questionable at best.

There are very few legal mechanisms in place to help these people, and that's why it's allowed to happen so openly and without any real punishment to those in charge at the local level. What neutral party exists to solve these sort of problems? None, at least none that I know of. If there are, please enlighten me.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Racism in Kundu

I'm surprised that some of you are surprised that bars would limit foreigners from entering based on a few accounts of foreigners fighting or mooching off of other people. In such a homogeneous country, stereotypes and blanket statements regarding foreign people of all colors and races is inevitable.

Besides, what are you doing in Kundu anyway? Awful music, shitty atmosphere, arrogant new-money Chinese, (possibly) fake liquor, thieves, etc.

The last time I went to Kundu was ages ago, and the last two times I went there was a massive brawl outside of Top One involving some 20-odd people randomly throwing punches and attacking whomever happened to be nearby, and the absolute last time I went was when I was with a friend walking down the street and two guys attempted to spray our faces with pepper spray, I assume in order to steal our wallets or phones.

Seriously, get out of there. You encounter the worst China has to offer, and there are plenty of other places in town with nice music, cool people, and a safer environment.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Good place to live in KM?

Avoid 文林街 if you want peace and quiet. It's rather noisy at night and in recent years with all the buses being routed through the street it's noisier than ever. Apartments in this area are older than others in the north of Kunming, but the benefit is that you're likely not at home that often anyway...there are tons of restaurants and places to hang out, downtown is to Zhengyi Fang is three stops away, and you have Greenlake Park which is surprisingly quiet early in the morning.


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Although I don't live in Kunming full-time anymore, I spent quite a few nights there and will really miss the place. I remember hanging out there back in 2003-2004 at the same location before the renovation. It was a great place because after so many years you'd find the same people returning. It was a great place to have that sense of camaraderie.

I'll miss political discussions mixed with a hefty helping of alcohol, and I'll miss the great food. I'll miss the Smegma Riot boys and all the debauchery that goes along with that.

I had a wonderful 28th birthday party upstairs on the second floor and everyone was wonderful, and very understanding about the loud noise and crowding.

I remember watching my Australian friend Justin leap off the second floor through the windows to grab a pack of smokes across the street. I remember hitting my head walking down the stairs on more than one occasion.

I remember lots of late night discussions and being disappointed when they would close down every evening and we'd have to go home.

I'll miss Francesca and I'll miss the Box. Best of luck to all of you in the future.


Great article. I remember the old location in the Flower and Bird Market...beautiful building and really quite difficult to find unless you knew exactly where it was. The old location on Wenhua Xiang I was never able to visit, but I remember those old buildings down on the corner and where the new police station is. They had massive marijuana plants growing in there when it was being torn down. Things really have changed!

Kind of makes me nostalgic...I remember getting to Rocco's in the market in no time by bus and now it would take twenty minutes on a good day! Now we're really quite spoiled when it comes to food choices.

Way to go local government. I know I'd love to send my kids to an unlicensed kindergarten to be stabbed by that teacher.

How long was this school running before someone "found out" it wasn't licensed? She should not only lose her job, but face some prison time for assaulting children. Imagine if the children were Uyghurs! No, wait...



Went there for the second time with a few friends the other day. Despite being in really tight quarters, the beers were cold and priced well at 8 yuan for a Qingdao, I believe. We went late afternoon and played with the chess board. Very cool.

The only thing I was surprised about was a 36 kuai game fee we had to pay the next evening? We weren't told that when we were offered the chess board... and weren't charged the first time we went. Needless to say, if that's the case we won't be going back.


I visited this fine establishment with my wife on Valentine's Day and we had a wonderful experience.
The first thing we noticed was the ambiance - it was fantastic. A nice, quiet place playing relaxing music.
The second thing we noticed was that it was CLEAN. Spotless. I felt like I was back home in the states, and it felt good to be in such a well-maintained restaurant.
The staff were extremely friendly and helpful, and we were a bit taken aback, to be honest. We hadn't received such wonderful service since being back home - - - we've been accustomed to rude waitresses and horrible service for a long time!
A bit on the pricy side, but not outrageously so. I'd certainly recommend some of their desserts, and their sandwich selection looked amazing.

The only downside I can see to this place is the location. Too. Damned. Far. Unless you live in the area it's quite a pain to get out there in a reasonable amount of time due to Kunming's less-than-adequate transportation systems. On that note, however, I think it's relative remoteness from the center of town allows it to have the great atmosphere it does.

The first time I've been in a restaurant where I forgot I was in China. I really felt at home.

Give it a shot if you haven't been there already.