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Forums > Living in Kunming > US voters: mailing your ballot for free

Has anybody done this yet? I've filled out my ballot and printed my FedEx airbill from the site, but I don't know where to bring it to send it. I tried calling FedEx's China customer service and they were extremely unhelpful. In fact, they claimed that it was impossible for me to send this package due to the fact that it is being billed to a third party. They also wouldn't give me the phone number for the kunming branch...

Forums > Living in Kunming > any western doctor /hospital ?

Richland is a sham. I had a bad experience there and, despite having no medical expertise, it was pretty clear to me that my doctors had no idea what they were doing, and just wanted to pad my bill with tests and diagnostics.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Moving to KM from the US; cell phone questions

Sort of on this subject, I have a dead Windows Mobile "Smartphone" that needs reviving. It's from the U.S., but it's manufactured by HTC in Taiwan, and the same phone is sold under a different brand (Dopod) in China. Any ideas on where I can go to try to get this repaired?


Forums > Living in Kunming > Large-size football boots/soccer cleats

Hey Everybody,

I wear about a Euro size 46, U.S. size 12 shoe, and I'm having a hard time finding a pair of cleats.

I checked a bunch of stores along Renmin Lu, including Nike, Adidas, Lining, and a bunch of others, and the largest size I found was 43.

Any suggestions?



No results found.


"The following items are currently being accepted for recycling:

• Lithium batteries"

All I could find about alkaline batteries was a local news article which reported that the local authorities had said alkaline batteries are not actually very bad for the environment and people should just throw them in the trash :-(



Cantina is always a safe bet for top-notch food and great service. I think it has actually gotten better and better over the years, which is often not the case with restaurants. Most people who live in Kunming know Cantina. Perhaps not as many know how involved the owners, Libby and Diego, are in various social welfare and community service efforts. Highly recommended both for visitors and long-term residents!


I went there twice for group boxing classes. I left the third time when I was attempting to book into a grappling class. This was part of an attempted process on my part to try the different classes offered there and see if I wanted to purchase one of their various membership cards.

The boxing classes were fun, a great workout, and the coaches and fellow students were all nice. A good atmosphere. Certainly room for improvement, especially in terms of explaining the class structure and fundamental concepts of the sports to beginners...but overall good.

However, on front desk staff member erased the positive aspects of the gym through his unprofessional and rude conduct. I was treated like some sort of con-man for wanting to try out the different classes offered before committing to multi-thousand RMB membership card, despite my willingness to pay per class to try them out. I wasted my time riding over to the gym on a very cold day on my scooter and then being refused service unless I committed on the spot to buying a membership card in direct contradiction to the gym's own policies and written price table. Also wasted was my friend's time and money, as she was in a cab on the way over to the gym in order to join me for the group class at the time I was refused service. My exchange with the staff (in which I was not terribly satisfied, but remained calm and reasonable throughout) was topped off with a remark from the one particular staff member with xenophobic undertones.

As one may see from my other reviews on this site, I typically try not to say anything unless I have something nice to say. In this case, I feel I must make an exception: I don't think it's a business that deserves your effort or money.


One of the best western restaurants in Yunnan. Definitely worth visiting if you will be passing through Shangrila!


I've been taking boxing classes with Kasey, who is an excellent teacher. The studio is no-frills, but they have a wide range of yoga, self defense and other classes. And some of the teachers even donate the class fees to charity. Glad to have Spring City Yoga Collective as part of the community in Kunming.