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Forums > Living in Kunming > American Soldier Burials near Walnut Forest

There is a 村庄 (Cunzhuang, "hamlet") nearby your coordinates called 核桃林/Hetaolin. I am not sure if Cunzhuang is an official administrative division in China or not. In any case, it appears to be a part of Jietou Village, Tengchong County, Baoshan Prefecture 保山市腾冲市界头乡. Unfortunately, it's in a relatively remote part of Yunnan and there are additional travel restrictions in place these days in many areas near the Myanmar border (the coordinates you gave are about 30km from the border; I don't know if it's accessible by foreigners or not currently.)

Forums > Living in Kunming > COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

@bubblyian. That is inaccurate. The notice you linked to does not change any of the policies about which Americans can and can't travel to China. It is simply clarifying that a failed antibody test can be disregarded if you submit proof of a recent vaccination with Pfizer, Moderna or J&J vaccine.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Train to Lincang 临沧!

I think it is gaotie. It's just it goes to Dali first. Lijiang is about 3 hrs by gaotie. And if you look at a map, Lincang is further from Dali than Lijiang is.


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In any case, Danmairen, your original comment was completely off topic. Here we have an article whose main topic is a Kunming resident's attempts to organize a professional cycling team. Cycling races happen on controlled courses and are not subject to normal traffic conditions, so how is this related to the bad traffic/bad manners of motorists and cyclists in Kunming?

It's like there was an article about the proper way to pet a dog, and here comes Danmairen saying, "I don't mind dogs per se, but I really hate eating spinach."

This news was quite difficult to digest. The proprietors of Salvador's strike me as a very kind group of people. Furthermore, I think the fact that the staff of Salvador's tend to remain for such a long time relative to other establishments in the area is indicative of the fact that they are treated fairly and humanely.

I hope that they have reopened by the time I return from Shanghai on Jan. 4th, so I can eat one meal a day there every day for a week. I hope other members of the community can also find ways to express their support for this establishment.

I would like to add that I was pleasantly surprised that the police showed up at my apartment around two in the afternoon, asking me if I had witnessed the attack or knew anyone who had. I think, knowing that Salvador's is frequented by foreigners, that the police were smart to start canvassing foreigners who were registered as living in the area near wenhua xiang as to whether they had seen anything.

My heart goes out to the Salvador's folks.



Cantina is always a safe bet for top-notch food and great service. I think it has actually gotten better and better over the years, which is often not the case with restaurants. Most people who live in Kunming know Cantina. Perhaps not as many know how involved the owners, Libby and Diego, are in various social welfare and community service efforts. Highly recommended both for visitors and long-term residents!


I went there twice for group boxing classes. I left the third time when I was attempting to book into a grappling class. This was part of an attempted process on my part to try the different classes offered there and see if I wanted to purchase one of their various membership cards.

The boxing classes were fun, a great workout, and the coaches and fellow students were all nice. A good atmosphere. Certainly room for improvement, especially in terms of explaining the class structure and fundamental concepts of the sports to beginners...but overall good.

However, on front desk staff member erased the positive aspects of the gym through his unprofessional and rude conduct. I was treated like some sort of con-man for wanting to try out the different classes offered before committing to multi-thousand RMB membership card, despite my willingness to pay per class to try them out. I wasted my time riding over to the gym on a very cold day on my scooter and then being refused service unless I committed on the spot to buying a membership card in direct contradiction to the gym's own policies and written price table. Also wasted was my friend's time and money, as she was in a cab on the way over to the gym in order to join me for the group class at the time I was refused service. My exchange with the staff (in which I was not terribly satisfied, but remained calm and reasonable throughout) was topped off with a remark from the one particular staff member with xenophobic undertones.

As one may see from my other reviews on this site, I typically try not to say anything unless I have something nice to say. In this case, I feel I must make an exception: I don't think it's a business that deserves your effort or money.


One of the best western restaurants in Yunnan. Definitely worth visiting if you will be passing through Shangrila!


I've been taking boxing classes with Kasey, who is an excellent teacher. The studio is no-frills, but they have a wide range of yoga, self defense and other classes. And some of the teachers even donate the class fees to charity. Glad to have Spring City Yoga Collective as part of the community in Kunming.