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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Bringing a bike to China

Hi everyone!

Well, I made it to Kunming with my bike and no problems. My bike box did get searched twice, however, once in the US and once in Beijing, but no questions asked.

I look forward to going for a ride one of these days soon. It is a road bike so it might be fun to do one of those day trips recommended on the travel blogs. I read the one about those guys riding to Singapore. Thats like my ultimate goal. Hope to see you around! Thanks for the advice!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Super Bowl XLVI

Does anyone have the NFL gamepass? I would get it but I just moved here yesterday and don't have the internet (nor apartment) yet. Thats how I've watched it the past two years in Korea... alone...

It would be a lot more fun to watch it with a group of people thats for sure! Hopefully someone can talk a bar into showing it. Long shot: would it be broadcast on Chinese television?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Bringing a bike to China

Omgiri: yeah, bicycle. It definitely looks used enough. Great to know there are no fees or anything. How is the riding in Kunming? Is it as hilly as I imagine it to be?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Bringing a bike to China


I am moving to Kunming on February 1st and I really want to bring my bike with me. What is the deal with bringing bikes into the country? Do they charge you a import duty or tax or anything? It sounds like a few of you have brought in your bikes from all over. What is the easiest / cheapest way to do it?

Thanks for your help!


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Just checked out the Crystal Palace today! Got there on foot from the Yanglin Bus Station. It is about a 1.5 hour walk, but I was able to stop at the Yanglin Feijiu Factory located about halfway there. Couldn't tour the factory, but there is a factory store that has the goods. Couldn't resist picking up a few bottles of the green fairy.

Also, I only paid 20RMB to see the temple and the caves. I asked the woman, and apparently I was the only visitor they had that day (this was about 4pm, too).

Also, there are a LOT of bats in that cave! Very beautiful though and an easy day trip from Kunming. I left my house at 1130am and was back at 7pm. Yanglin is interesting, too. Quite dusty, but instead of taxis they have horse drawn carts. Pretty neat!

Yeah, this is one of the most disappointing articles I've read on GoKunming. It is a real shame...

One has to argue the demand for such dams. In the article about all of Yunnan being "plugged in", apparently we're exporting 200 million megawatts to Guangdong alone?


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