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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Bus Ticket Office

Does anyone know a place to buy bus tickets aside from the bus station itself?

The bus ticket office on 121 seems to have closed.

Does anyone know another location?

Side note: post offices and those "community offices" where you pay your electric bill also sell tickets, but not to foreigners (can't issue tickets without a resident ID card)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Why is China so materialistic?

Do you really think that China is any different than any other developing nation? Also think about countries in the Middle East, Russia, they aren't materialistic? It's just a byproduct of suddenly having a little disposable income. It will change as the country grows into its own.

What I DO think about is weren't these the exact same kind of people that were exiled, thrown down wells, and re-educated a half century ago for behaving in this showy manner? Kind of ironic I guess...

Forums > Living in Kunming > Recycling in Kunming ?

There is a big outdoor market that starts every evening around 7pm on Panlong River. The location of the market is on the river between Baiyun Lu and the railroad tracks (its very close to the railroad tracks on Panjiang Dong/Xi lu). They sell everything there and would be happy to have your old clothes donated to the market peddlers. I showed up with a big bag of clothes and walked away with about 100RMB. Not my intention to sell anything, but thats how it ended up... Definitely worth a look.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Who knows a Tibetan trekking guide named 'Aluo'?

I did that Dimaluo -> Lancang River hike in October with Aluo's company. I think if its too much snow for that hike, it might be too much snow for any hike.

That being said, there is one where you walk north out of Bingzhongluo town and you follow (what turns into) a pretty bad and lightly trafficked road. It goes all the way into Tibet. It'll be snowbound, but at least it'll be wide enough so you won't get lost. Guide is probably not required either.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Wives of Kunming

Why is everything for sale on the classifieds something someone's wife "never uses"? Samsung Galaxy 4? NAH. Brand new bike? Sell that thing!

...and so on


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Just checked out the Crystal Palace today! Got there on foot from the Yanglin Bus Station. It is about a 1.5 hour walk, but I was able to stop at the Yanglin Feijiu Factory located about halfway there. Couldn't tour the factory, but there is a factory store that has the goods. Couldn't resist picking up a few bottles of the green fairy.

Also, I only paid 20RMB to see the temple and the caves. I asked the woman, and apparently I was the only visitor they had that day (this was about 4pm, too).

Also, there are a LOT of bats in that cave! Very beautiful though and an easy day trip from Kunming. I left my house at 1130am and was back at 7pm. Yanglin is interesting, too. Quite dusty, but instead of taxis they have horse drawn carts. Pretty neat!

Yeah, this is one of the most disappointing articles I've read on GoKunming. It is a real shame...

One has to argue the demand for such dams. In the article about all of Yunnan being "plugged in", apparently we're exporting 200 million megawatts to Guangdong alone?


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