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Forums > Study > Teaching English in universities

Hey there

My friend is a native English speaker and she wants to find a job in Yunnan as a college English lecturer. She doesn't like teaching in private schools. So if you know any university that is looking for native English speaker. drop me a line. You can reach me at [email protected]

P.S There are job ads all over gokunming.com but most of them are for teaching in private schools. My friend is looking for teaching in university!!
If you are teaching in a uni and don't mind sharing me your experience of how to get in there, i'd appreciate it!



Forums > Living in Kunming > All you can eat buffet ???

There is a cool place named American Cowboy barbecue or something,

if i remembered right, 50 rmb, all you can drink, all you can eat,

and 4 different flavours ice cream!! Yummy Yummy!

It's in Wenlin Jie, 2 minutes from Hong Dou Yuan.

5-10 mins from Yunnan Uni.

Forums > Study > Your favourite book?

@bosnianXCII, yes, river town is amazing!! and the story happened when i was in elementary school. what Peter wrote about the chinese life is mostly what i remembered. and fuling is just 2 hours from my hometown.

I love reading though i am too lazy to read everyday.
But trying too, haha,

1000 books? Very impressive!
you can do book exchanges with people, it'll be fun, i guess.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > In Kunming 4 days, best places to visit?

i personally like the haigeng park. You can see the dianchi lake there.
A beautiful place. 10 RMB for entering if i remembered right.

and the museum. so cool. It'll give you a brief idea about the minorities in yunnan.

Free of charge.


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The best pizza i ever had.

Haha, love Friday night!!




This is one of the coolest hostels that i've ever seen.

Too bad when we got there the rooms are all booked.