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Beside Yunnan university, in Qinyun Str. there's a place called Yueyan Zhijia(越燕之家), they serve genuine bird's nest soup.

Forums > Food & Drink > Blood Cuisine

Hi,as I know there's a special Hani (哈尼族,an ethnic group in Yunnan) dish which is made directly by uncooked goat blood. Try to find a Hani restaurant in Kunming and you may find one that sells the dish.For example,you may find a Hani restaurant beside Yunnan Committee of Minority Affairs in Zongshuying(棕树营). If can not find it in Kunming, you may go to visit Honghe County (红河县)directly, where you can find a lot of restaurants that provide the dish.

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Hi, I have no any background of teaching/tutoring, but I have no any problem to communicate in English. I am having a break before work and feel I could do something about teaching or tutoring. If you're interested in, please contact me by 13888305407.

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Danmairen, I totally agree with you. I also feel the real CPI is higher than this number. The price of meat outside of Kunming is always higher than in kunming, especially in some remote areas. I think this is because there's strong competetion in big cities, so the butchers have to lower the price, relatively.


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