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I live in the new Chenggong area south of the city and have a 2011 Suzuki 125cc. I assume you have a license already. you need to be aware that you are not allowed to operate any motorcycle inside of 2nd Ring Rd. On it is ok on the lower level (so I'm told) but not inside.

I bought a new Suzuki because I didn't want to be in the middle of nowhere and have problems with a POS Chinese bike. I go ride in the countryside sometimes but haven't found anyone in my area to ride with. There are some great places around here.

I'm buying a friend's van when he moves back to the US soon so I may be willing to sell the bike if you're interested. It's an EN125, yellow, about 3,500km showing, and spotless.

Riding here is best left to trips to the countryside. Other drivers in traffic are very dangerous around bikes. I've had a couple intentionally try to push me over. In light traffic it's ok though as long as you're careful. Get a car if you want to drive in the city. It's MUCH less stressful.


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Anybody know what the runway visibility was? Kunming is equipped with a Category I instrument landing system according to what I found on the net. In the US that's good for operations down to 550m visibility. I have a hard time believing it was worse than that for so long. I suspect that there is another reason and they are just blaming the weather to save face. The previous poster who mentioned CAT IIIc is incorrect from what I read. I read that nowhere in the world has Cat IIIc yet which is for flying blind basically. CAT I is what every other airport in China uses from what I read.

I live in Chenggong's University City. Bringing or riding a bike to the city is a little impractical. Makes more sense for a city of millions to have operating taxis during rush hour. But really, what's the status of the shift change timing law?

What's the current status on this shift change law? I got refused about 6 times yesterday at 5:30 by the zoo on Qin Nian Lu. What shoudl I do? Catch them at a light, get in, and write down their number and threaten them if they don't take me? Is the law even enforced at this point or is it ignored like so many other laws?


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