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Forums > Living in Kunming > google mail blocked again?? Certificate error

Yesterday read the news about goog admitting to being hacked by a group based in China. Today China has posted a denial....and gmail doesn't work anymore (atleast up here in Shangri-la).

Is it the same down in Kunming? Getting a certificate error...but chrome browser also can't see the mothership...err...any google servers.


Forums > Living in Kunming > treatment for intestinal parasite?

Wow. I had Giardia multiple times in India (still not sure if those sugar cane drinks from the street were worth it - they do taste good!).

It lasted weeks for me and took a long time (over a week) to get over it with metronidazole.

On the positive side Giardia does wonders if you want to lose a bit of weight! ;-)


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Yunnan would be the richest province in China if Kunming actually enforced all these laws.

Jaywalking? Really? No Spitting?

Laws without consistent enforcement do not result in any lasting change. Same as with our rules for my 2 year old daughter. Yawn.

Yes, title is a bit misleading since Shangri-La itself just felt mild tremors. A few things fell off the dish drying-rack, that's about it.

The government has been passing out flyers asking all businesses here in Shangri-La to remain closed (big surprise, no ones closed). Schools also continue to be closed. They expect a larger quake within the next ten days, one that will apparently affect Shangri-La.

Can't help but comment...

I honestly love the chinglish, brings a smile to my face! And these days every bit of humor to offset the negative aspects has value (traffic, customer service, traffic, traffic, etc...)

Also could you imagine if all the chinglish was reported? Would need a good 50 government employee's to just to register all the instances...

..."He said he then tried to produce his identification card but accidentally pulled out his police-issued retractable baton, which only made the chengguan's blows more severe."

How do you accidentally pull out a retractable baton instead of an id card?

Granted being beat by the chengguan would be rather distracting, but still. My guess is that he intended to try and defend himself (and why not?) but it didn't really work out.

I did skim over that bit. Hope it happens but having lived in KM for several years I'm somewhat skeptical - have heard rumors that Starbucks would be opening up here every year.

Have written them before encouraging them to move in - I feel confident that our city can support several stores RIGHT NOW, never mind future growth and expansion into tourist destinations (Dali, Lijiang).

I don't want one on every corner, but it would be nice to have a couple here.


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