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Forums > Food & Drink > Tibetan food in Kunming?

Would like to add my personal recommendation to Makye Ame (top of the list).

The food is excellent (though not cheap). The interior is beautiful and in the evening they provide a superb costumed performance with singing!

Best to go with a group of friends, it will be much more enjoyable.

Watch out for the Yak! ;-)

Forums > Living in Kunming > mountain bike rental in KM?

Where can I rent a halfway-decent (or maybe even good) mountain bike for the few weeks I'm in Kunming? Years ago Xiong Brothers used to rent some but I don't know if they still do...

I'll be arriving in KM on 8th February just before the New Year and would like to rent for about a month.

Used to live in KM but have been away for awhile, a bit out of touch. I am on a bit of a budget.



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Would like to see an actual Starbucks store (or five of them) here in Kunming...Unless I'm mistaken this article is about supply, not retail sale (sigh). Not crazy about Starbucks actual coffee, but their candy coffee's (otherwise known as Frappuccinos) are lovely!


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