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"excuse my pedantry but she does say where moving from - Australia."

Right you are. My mistake.

And thanks for the tip on jajah. Had not heard of it. Will check it out.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Skype/VOIP in Kunming

You don't say where you are moving from. Skype between Kunming and the US works fine. Sometimes the recipient of the call in the US complains of the call having sort of an echo, but it is still understandable on both ends.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Hotel within Kunming Airport

A final note that did not occur to me before: Please bear in mind that Kunming's airport is just on the south edge of the city. It isn't way far out like Hong Kong's or Seoul's. It only takes a few minutes to get from the airport to the heart of the city. Late at night, when you will arrive, you can literally be "downtown" in 15 minutes by taxi. So finding lodging right exactly at the airport is not as important as it might be otherwise.


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>>"does anybody know how these trash pickers are called in chinese?"

It's 收废品 for the people who ride around on the 3-wheel bikes 三轮车 and collect broken appliances. I'm not sure of the term for the smaller-scale "dumpster divers."



The CNAC exhibit, which is on display now, February 2009, is extremely intersting and well done. Worth a trip. The museum charges no admission and the Number 1 Kunming bus goes there.