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I am a retired US physician who has lived in Kunming for the past several years. Went home in late-January to try and avoid the virus. Have remained in good health, but am missing Kunming, my friends, my apartment, my old neighborhood.

Trying to figure out the best timing of my return. It’s now possible to buy US to China plane tickets, even though flights are fewer and more expensive.

Are quarantine-on-arrival regulations still in place for Kunming? Would I be required to go to designated hotel, or could I just go to my apartment?

Any other factors I should consider in planning my return?

Thanks in advance for any constructive comments or suggestions.

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@Tiger -- Have you tried making mapo doufu 麻婆豆腐

I like eating it in restaurants, but would like to try making it at home mainly so I can reduce the heat just a little. Would like to preserve the character of it, the overall taste profile, just with a little less fire.

Have found several on-line recipes that look straight forward enough, but have not yet done any testing.

I live in Kunming, so finding authentic ingredients poses no problem. Even real 郫县豆瓣酱 is easy to find.

I'll bet you have, and I was curious about your experience. Thanks for your thoughts!


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The CNAC exhibit, which is on display now, February 2009, is extremely intersting and well done. Worth a trip. The museum charges no admission and the Number 1 Kunming bus goes there.