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Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreign citizenship for a baby born to a mixed couple

Hope you are able to solve it! I had a friend who had to deal with the local government for ages before he got the exit permit for his son.

Kunming is a bureaucratic hell hole... I took my pregnant wife with me to Sweden as fast as I could since the government in Kunming wouldn't even recognize our marriage (we got married in Sweden). Sometimes I wish my wife was from Shanghai, Beijing or any other "more civilized" part of China. We had our son the 30th last month and we lucky that he got his Swedish citizenship before China found him ;)

Good luck mate!

Forums > Food & Drink > Best / Worst Kunming Food

God I miss the food in Kunming. Been back in Sweden for 2 weeks already and I miss the food so much. I hate western food, lacks taste, no real spices or flavors... and western Chinese food sucks ass... and it's expensive. Live it up while you are still in Kunming! One day you return home to the west and realize how good the food is in Kunming :´(

Forums > Living in Kunming > quarantine for N1H1?

They usually don't get quarantined unless they have a fever when they land. Customs will check every passengers body temperature upon arrival. If they do have a fever, they might be quarantined until they've done a medical check.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > 小矮人王国 - Kingdom of the Dwarfs

I've thought of the same things as you mentioned Tonyaod. Just can't get used to some things in this country though. Double-edged sword or not, the populationproblem is really a huge problem in this country. It changes peoples atitudes too. My old employer didn't seem to care if a Chinese employee left or not because "There are thousands more out there..." leaving out the fact that we will never have experienced personal.

I am not too outraged by the fact that such a place exists I am just constantly astonished by the Chinese lack of interest in change and constantly blaming everything bad or wrong on the same things. "Culture is different", "Too many people." and "How can thousands of years doing something be wrong?"

Then again I can understand them, faced by all the issues in this country I don't even know where to start myself (Homeless children, polution, endangered species etc etc.) and thus most of the time turn my back on things.


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I have lived in Kunming for 4 years but have never been to the Tiger Leaping Gorge, it sucks and if they are working on the road and shit, I want to do it as soon as I get back to Yunnan again in March. You guys mentioned a night bus to Shangri-La, which bus station does it start from?


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