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Those are very hopeful numbers. It's more like 4000 up to 7000 within the second ring road. Close to Dianchi lake or Green Lake somewhere near 13000 m2 by now. Outside of the second ring road its still around 4-5000/m2. I am currently looking for an apartment myself so if I find a cheaper place (I am looking for new apartments) I will let you know :)

Forums > Study > 古代汉语

I am looking for a teacher in ancient chinese. I am currently studying Chinas four most famous books. I have noticed however that a lot of Chinese can't understand everything inside the books so I want to find a teacher to help me study.

If you help me study ancient Chinese I will help you study English :)

Forums > Study > 古代汉语




Forums > Living in Kunming > Small warning for Kunming Zoo

Went to Kunming Zoo the other day. I've lived in Kunming for 2 years and finally I went there with my Chinese fiancee. Just a small note on that... DON'T GO THERE! In fact I am ashamed that I even sponsored such a dump with my money. The animals live in small cages made of concrete and metal bars. They sleep in their own shit and urine, they eat things not even close to their natural diet (Not even concidering that there are idiots throwing yoghurt, candy, plastic bottles etc. into their cages)

The Chinese around me complained on how dirty the animals were and after making a face quickly went over to the next cage. One of the bears inside the compound is completely crazy... and not in a cute way... actually crazy.

The horrible conditions in Kunming Zoo and the complete lack of empathy for animals displayed there, the stupidity and lack of knowledge showed by the visitors... just don't go... in fact... make any Chinese who want to take you there realise that we hate what is called Kunming Zoo. A shame and disgrace for a city otherwise beautiful and compassionate.


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I have lived in Kunming for 4 years but have never been to the Tiger Leaping Gorge, it sucks and if they are working on the road and shit, I want to do it as soon as I get back to Yunnan again in March. You guys mentioned a night bus to Shangri-La, which bus station does it start from?


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