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Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for a good photoghraper!

Nice to see that the Swedish press made it to Kunming :) For a Swedish guy who has lived here for the past 2 years waiting for the day he gets married with his local fiancee it's nice to see how his country reaches out for old Kunming! :)


Forums > Living in Kunming > Dance Classes

Hey everyone! My Chinese fiancee is a belly dance instructor with experience. She can speak English and she teaches at a Chaoyue Gym and can arrange classes for anyone interested outside as well. If you want to have a private teacher just contact Nick & Duan Yanyan :)

I've been in Kunming for the past 2 years¨, started of as a student but started working a year ago. My fiancee is native to Kunming and she can speak very functional English by now. She has been dancing different dances since she was young but latelly her focus has been on Bellydance. She can teach you both the more Chinese Egyptian style and more real Egyptian Style as well.

Call Nick: 13529049664

Forums > Living in Kunming > Good Chinese Movies?

I am looking for tips on good Chinese movies that doesn't involve people flying around and dressing up in weird clothing ;)

I've seen a few lately that I liked that caught the nice atmosphere in this country.

2 of them that I suggest you check out:
落叶归根 and 大电影2

They both gave me a good laugh even though the first one is really tragic at the same time.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Bombs on busses

Another bomb exploded on bus K2 this evening. It was reported by my wife's aunt since the bus departs from the bus station close to her home. I haven't got it confirmed yet though. Wait until the official reports come out. I just came from back from her home as well. Kinda wonder who is behind these bombings by now... and why they are all on the same route. K2 is on the same route as 54.


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I have lived in Kunming for 4 years but have never been to the Tiger Leaping Gorge, it sucks and if they are working on the road and shit, I want to do it as soon as I get back to Yunnan again in March. You guys mentioned a night bus to Shangri-La, which bus station does it start from?


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