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Thank you for the answer Tonyaod. It seems that onomato ... needs to know that there are hundreds of readers here who did not know what Top One means. A simple civilised answer would have sufficed instead of twisting knickers.

Forums > Living in Kunming > A good English speaking doctor?

Judging from the very large number of medical doctors that I've taught over the years, every hospital in Kunming has someone, especially the 'teaching' hospitals.

Unfortunately, most of them suffer from the usual 'face saving' lack of confidence in speaking ... until forced to communicate.

It's rare to find, in Kunming, a General Practitioner similar to those in most western countries. Although, I suspect that this will change eventually.

Forums > Study > American English, British English...who cares?

@jimsc: Your comments display an inability to sensibly discuss this subject, at the level that others are discussing it. Laotou's original comment has long passed and, where it may have been needed, has been explained in more detail. 'Cool' is now used to describe a piece of fashionable clothing - it originally described temperature.

ToastMasters would welcome your attendance at their next meeting. :-)


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Mmm, would I be wrong in suggesting that if Tibet and Mongolia, etc., was an internal matter for China, then, what the French do in France must also be an internal matter?

Such contracts are totally unbelievable and doomed to failure.

There are insufficient pilots being schooled in the world as a whole and the Chinese situation is the worst. Current Chinese orders for new aircraft will quickly absorb the graduation of new pilots and the expected orders for the next few years makes the future pilot shortage quite critical -- actually, it's critcal now.

My advice to Chinese airlines is: Move into the 21st Century!

If anyone has tried to travel around this construction area during peak times (from 7:00 am to 10:00 am, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, and 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm) or the one-way triangle involving 121 Street, one can't help wondering at the qualifications of the 'designers'. It seems that they may simply have a graphic arts education and skills in accepting 'gifts' (from the traffic police).

I loved this quote: "He said that there was still work to do to convince Myanmar's ruling military junta that the dams would not be a problem for Myanmar, adding that he didn't think that would be a problem." I wonder if it should have been highlighted? Additionally, I wonder, does the UNESCO's World Heritage List serve a purpose? :(



Although not a review, permit me to address 'dianjing' and 'Ouyang'.

Surely, it would be better to obtain the visa prior to coming to China. Is it probable that your friend's problem was his and not the school's?

Rating, anything, on this Website without a review is useless ... at best.

My personal experience of KUST is their proverbial dislike of Foreign Experts.


Hello Dima; Many will welcome your arrival as the new manager. I hope that you will provide the cook with some assistance during peak hours. Some will be unhappy with the three-week closure, but you might tell them to visit Dan Di Cafe for a similar menu, if only temporarily.


I'm bound to ask if there is more than one Vintage Cafe in Kunming because the previous review seems to refer to a cafe that my colleagues and I are familiar with. Additionally, rating a cafe that is less than perfect, e.g., glass mugs, one would wonder how 'Jared' would rate the Green Lake Hotel, for example.

Please reserve the '5' rating for the best place in town . . . unless, of course, you're writing an advertisement.


Hey 'bucko', you must be fair, this restaurant is better than any place on Wen Lin Jie which you rated higher. Expensive? Try Green Lake Hotel. Small portions? Try Mazagran. It's all relative.


Although this is one of my favourite restaurants in Kunming, I find it necessary to warn the management that having a fourth floor extension has taken things one step too far (actually, about 70 steps!).

In my opinion, by extending the business, both the hard working kitchen and waiting staff are unable to maintain the original food quality and level of service.

A recent visit presented us with a luke warm fruit/mutton curry that comprised many pieces of fat and gristle, and a half tandoori chicken that had two legs (?) and not much else -- this dish would satisfy three people last year.