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Forums > Living in Kunming > Mouse/rat traps

A friend brought some poisoned rice grains from Chengdu - you'd not want to leave them around (dangerous) but if they're available in Kunming, they'll work a treat. Rats just sit and laugh at traps but, for some great reason they love this rice. Rats dying everywhere instantly!

You can bet that they're not available in Wallmart.

BTW, I question the use of "small-scale". ;-)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Let's Remember Where We Are

I may be wrong, and it may be different for different countries, but I remember a clause in a passport application, that one should consider oneself a guest of the country visited and that diplomatic behaviour should always be in mind.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Help with marriage visas for foreign countries

Canada doesn't require bail money. One simply signs a sponsorship of immigration form, etc., that commits you to three years of financial responsibility, etc., for your spouse. If s/he flees, one is supposed to inform the authorities - some do, some don't. Like most developed countries, Canada is full of illegal immigrants.

The world of immigration brokers is extremely tenuous, and your embassy may help you there ... but not the Canadian embassy.

Certainly, a recommendation, like the one above, is most valuable.


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To Chapter One: I'm sorry if this sounds like a destroyer of a good party but if the purchase of six bottles of beer is rewarded with another two - a total of eight? Is this your responsible way to ensure a safe evening?

Ref.; Camel Bar.
190 yuan/person, and 760 yuan for four. Now, that's what I call a special offer.

Elsewhere this would be an unbelievable picture, but in China ....

My focus in this article was; "controlling sources of pollution ...." Does this mean, slowing it down, diverting it to another lake, or some other useless idea. Will the authorities have real power to strongly penalize the corrupt polluters -- or are they relying on one billion yuan every year?

I would surely love to be an auditor on the project.



Although not a review, permit me to address 'dianjing' and 'Ouyang'.

Surely, it would be better to obtain the visa prior to coming to China. Is it probable that your friend's problem was his and not the school's?

Rating, anything, on this Website without a review is useless ... at best.

My personal experience of KUST is their proverbial dislike of Foreign Experts.


Hello Dima; Many will welcome your arrival as the new manager. I hope that you will provide the cook with some assistance during peak hours. Some will be unhappy with the three-week closure, but you might tell them to visit Dan Di Cafe for a similar menu, if only temporarily.


I'm bound to ask if there is more than one Vintage Cafe in Kunming because the previous review seems to refer to a cafe that my colleagues and I are familiar with. Additionally, rating a cafe that is less than perfect, e.g., glass mugs, one would wonder how 'Jared' would rate the Green Lake Hotel, for example.

Please reserve the '5' rating for the best place in town . . . unless, of course, you're writing an advertisement.


Hey 'bucko', you must be fair, this restaurant is better than any place on Wen Lin Jie which you rated higher. Expensive? Try Green Lake Hotel. Small portions? Try Mazagran. It's all relative.


Although this is one of my favourite restaurants in Kunming, I find it necessary to warn the management that having a fourth floor extension has taken things one step too far (actually, about 70 steps!).

In my opinion, by extending the business, both the hard working kitchen and waiting staff are unable to maintain the original food quality and level of service.

A recent visit presented us with a luke warm fruit/mutton curry that comprised many pieces of fat and gristle, and a half tandoori chicken that had two legs (?) and not much else -- this dish would satisfy three people last year.