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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Myanmar Consulate

They will be closed during Chinese New Year.

Also, they do not issue tourist visas in one day. Last time I went they told me 5 woking days. But they managed to give it to me in 3 days.

Forums > Food & Drink > oriental spices?

Metro is having Cumin and Turmeric, also non sweet coconut milk.

Cardamom can be bought at the spice whole salers at the big fish market close to the PSB. (One old guy in the second floor is having almost everything)

Forums > Living in Kunming > KM GOLF driving ranges

3000 seems a lot at once, but saving 150 yuan each week I go (usually use 3 buckets) is pretty good.

They also have some other deals, but I dont remember the details.
Best time to play is at noon. Most Chinese run to get lunch and you have the driving ranch almost for yourself.


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Looking good! I like the background colour.
And the search funktion works great.

Good work!
Thanks to Chris, Matthew and Dan.


I am looking forward to that game!

The Double Happyness Bar in Beichen is having a very big screen and I am going to watch the game there.

My guess: Germany - England 1:0 :-))



I have to renew my 5 star rating I did some years ago. And I would like to ad one more if possible.

Some days ago I tried their version of Eggs Benedict from the new breakfast menu. Bagel, chream cheese, smoked salmon, spinach, poached egg and a pesto yoghurt sauce. I am still having all the flavours in my mouth and it was probably the best meal I had in a restaurant Kunming!

Service has always been friendly and great. No changes there in the past years.

My only complaint; there is too much Gin in the Gin&Tonics :-)
But please don not change that!


Ordered tonight and we are really happy.

We live at Dianchi and the delivery was not only pretty fast and the food was still hot, the driver even found our place without any problems.


Yes, we closed for almost the same reason.

Thanks to all of my customers, who supportet me over the past 3 years!


I did not go to the Silver Spoon for a very long time because the quality of food was pretty bad.
But with the new owner I wanted to give it another try. And I was impressed. The service was fast, nice and very polite. Without asking my dog got some water and even a treat.
The Ice Cream Shake was the best I had in years and the sandwich I had today for lunch was delicious!
Looking forward now to go back to try more things of their new menu.


My new favorite restaurant in town!

Everything I had so far was just great.