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is there any pool with a diving board or a diving platfoarm in kunming. I'd love to find something high to jump off of in a safe environment, especially since the chinese won gold medals in diving at the last olympics, i'd think they should have at least one place here

Forums > Living in Kunming > Help Me Locate My Son

Jonathan I am very sad for your losing your two sons, it is very painful, I know. I also have problem that we can help eachother. I am Prince Amko Loromqi of the Yoruba tribe, and my father in law wants more retribution for his daughter. He has lied to the government and tells them I have kidnapped her from his tribe. They now have frozen my $24 million USD from my family's diamond company. If I can put the money in your account for 2 weeks while I travel outside Nigeria to get it, you will be rewarded 10% of my savings. Maybe then you can hire good professionals to find your sons. I know a banker that will transfer the money to overseas account, but he tells me I must pay $2000 for the transfer. If you can pay this and give me your bank routing number we will be helping eachother and we will both be able to see our families.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Barking Monkeys in Kunming

Well i'm very interested in exotic animals, almost unhealthily. So I guess my next question would be where could I buy a pet monkey? And does anyone know if you have to get them rabies shots or something to bring one back to America?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Barking Monkeys in Kunming

I live near Heyeshan Park off Xue Fu Lu road, and I think there's a herd of barking monkeys that comes down from the park at night. These aren't dogs because i hear them bark at the dogs. I live on the fourth floor and it sounds like its coming from the trees of the 3rd floor area, so it HAS to be monkeys. Can anyone verify the existence of these ferocious animals or have I eaten poisonous mushroom?


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Sewer oil? What does that even mean? How can you collect the oil from sewers, who would even do that. But my question is if the oil is beinig bleach and deoderized what chemicals are being ingested when I eat it? Im not a health nut, I smoke cigarrettes, but what OTHER carcinogens entering my system could be harmful?


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