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Forums > Living in Kunming > Getting an apartment with a tourist visa?

this is what I did, I came to china with only a tourist visa, found a chinese person looking for a roommate. You will have to pay a one month deposit, and then I also paid 3 moths up front. Sometimes you pay for the whole period up front. The lease will be for atleast 6 months unless you take over some former roommates spot. But the rent is cheap, mine only 650 kuai per month. Awesome

Forums > Living in Kunming > Data Recovery in Kunming

i've used a program before called 1st NTFS. It has allowed me to recover hundreds of gigs. You can torrent it. I have had the same problem you did with a couple of hard drives. The only problem is to recover that 400 GB you have to have an extra 400 GB lying around somewhere in order to copy the files. Other than that it works like a charm

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Dali to Myanmar

When travelling to Myanmar, if I brought Chinese Yuan with me instead of USD will exchanges be easier? I here the don't have ATMs there because of US and British sanctions

Forums > Living in Kunming > Teach English at a school with no college degree

I am an American student here in Kunming. But I will have to work to be able to afford rent when it arises in 5 months. I haven't graduated college yet, but I am fully capable of teaching english. Where could I find a part (full??) time teaching job at a school so I don't have to find individual students on my own. Any help is appreciated. ty


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Sewer oil? What does that even mean? How can you collect the oil from sewers, who would even do that. But my question is if the oil is beinig bleach and deoderized what chemicals are being ingested when I eat it? Im not a health nut, I smoke cigarrettes, but what OTHER carcinogens entering my system could be harmful?


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