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Forums > Living in Kunming > Am I the only one to be shocked by Top One's add ?

In America we have a thing called reverse discrimination. This is were you are given a better chance at a job, scholarship, or univeristy enrollment if you are A. Non-white B. a woman, or C. from a low socio-economic class.
Being white and upper middle class all the oppurtunities are being handed out to the "less fortunate" or something like that, excluding me from merit and qualification based positions. That's why I like China, because rascism here works the way it should.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Counterfeit Clothing... Where???

I wanna be Baped out, Gucc'd out, Nik'd out, balled out, designer jeans and icecream kicks so clean, i'll drop the green on them things
only if they are fake and cheap though, ne1 know where?

Forums > Living in Kunming > 2012 school holidays?

I have had a similarly difficult time getting an accurate response out of people, but from my sleuthing I have gathered that the new year begins Monday January 23rd, I believe it lasts for a week or two, but for the University holiday break it lasts until early March.



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Sewer oil? What does that even mean? How can you collect the oil from sewers, who would even do that. But my question is if the oil is beinig bleach and deoderized what chemicals are being ingested when I eat it? Im not a health nut, I smoke cigarrettes, but what OTHER carcinogens entering my system could be harmful?


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